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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Yesterday I sent the daily report out with a mistake in it. I will no doubt be hearing about it for weeks.

Meantime the temp working for us came to my desk with a few questions, which I totally don't mind. What I seriously minded was when she said, "I don't know how to do this, so I have to ask you to do it for me" and walked away!

The daily deposit was about $70,000, which is big but not all that unusual. With each check we get an EOB, or Explanation of Benefits. It tells what gets paid on which claim, deductibles, what got denied, etc. Well, first we got two checks from a big insurer for a total of over $15,000 -- with not a single EOB to divide between them! I called the insurer who said, "Oh yeah, we don't usually send EOBs with refunds." I told her we REALLY needed it so we could allocate the money appropriately. She said she'd fax it to me. Not yet, but I sure hope it comes tomorrow. So I posted everything else. I got down to the last check, and the EOB totaled almost $600 over the check amount! I called the insurer in a panic. He told me that some of the amounts were previously paid and not meant to be posted, that another claim was paid at a discount BELOW the amount on the EOB -- you get the idea. I told him, firmly but politely, that we need an EOB that details exactly what the face value of the check went for. It'll take ten to fifteen business days. I am not kidding. And just to top it all off, my boss came to my desk with a list of denied A/R she wants me to work -- just as soon as I finish the refunds, of course.

I am so worn out. Right now I'm having a glass of wine and watching Bobby (just finished Good Eats). My five-day weekend can't come fast enough.

Some knitting time tomight. I'm REALLY happy at how the four colors work together and how the entrelac pattern looks. It'll be awhile, but I'm looking forward to snuggling under it when it's done!
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