A bird got in the house

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

This has to be one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed my husband doing. He opened the front door to step outside, when a bird that had been sitting on our wreath flew into the house. I was in the living room when I heard my husband yell, "Get out of my house!!" Having no idea what was happening, I ran into the hallway to see what was up. There he was. All 6 foot 3 inches of him in a fighting stance, glaring into the kids' playroom. I walked over to his side and followed his line of sight. The small bird was perched gracefully on the top of my window frame. Sadly, that's about where this particular bird's gracefulness ended.

Rob closed in on him, his footsteps light and swift. He was a man 0n a mission to get that bird safely out of the house. The bird took notice of the large figure approaching him and took off! He managed to escape the playroom and smacked head first into the office wall. Dazed, he flew up to the light and perched for a moment to regain his wits. Once again Rob moved in, like a cat on the prowl. The bird resumed its flight and landed on a shelf full of special Navy glasses we've collected over the years. Rob let out a growl of frustration. As if to mock him, the bird proceeded to poop in one of the glasses. Rob growled again started gently moving his hand behind the bird in an effort to coax him out the front door. It didn't work.

The bird made it's way into the kitchen, once again knocking into a wall. It landed on a plastic container full of cereal. Rob managed to slip past it and open the garage door, offering it a second route of escape. But the bird took off into the living room as if to say "Hah! I'm not that easy to get rid of!" It flew under the lounge chair and got stuck. So we moved the chair and tried to catch it that way. No luck. It went hiding into my Christmas tree. At this point my husband starts talking to the bird... "Come on, man! Not the tree! GET OUT!"

I walked into the dining room and opened the sliding glass door that leads out onto the deck. The bird now has 3 escape routes. So what does it do? It returned to the playroom, at the front of the house. This is where it got a little hairy...the bird landed on a tall floor lamp that was turned on. In one swift motion, Rob slipped out of his jacket and threw it over the light, trapping the bird. He quickly shut the light off while I unplugged it. We raced the lamp outside and released the bird. Dazed and possibly a little hurt from the hot light bulb, the bird flew away. We quickly shut all the doors and just looked at each other.

A moment went by without a word spoken. Then it happened. It started as a giggle, and it just bubbled over until I couldn't catch my breath. I had tears running down my face. My very serious husband was just given a run for his money by something smaller than his hand, and he knew it! Once I simmered down he announced that that was enough excitement for one night and went off to bed. And here I sit, an hour later, still chuckling at the look he had on his face.

Sometimes in life you just have to laugh. And laugh, I did.

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  • DO4FIT
    bahahaha! That reminds me of the humming bird size moth thing that got into our house at our Christmas in July party! Grandma had her head hiding, it got hit with a plate, did nothing to stun the thing, then it got hit with something else harder and it stopped in mid air, stunned and went back to it's business. I cannot remember to this day how we got it out of the house but man o man was it funny!
    1927 days ago
    That is a very funny story, than emoticon ks for sharing this one LOL
    1927 days ago
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