Streaking My Way to Christmas -- please come with!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I have promised myself the fact that it's December is no excuse to backslide. My plan is to streak my way to Christmas (but not in the naked sense)! Today is officially day 2 (I would have started sooner but .. well, actually, I didn't think of until yesterday)!


For the second day, I have tracked EVERY bite. I got 64+ oz. of water, and I exercised. This is a gift to myself. I am totally rocking my blood sugar: FBS this morning was 87; before lunch 81; before dinner 97! I can't remember having a day where all 3 premeal tests were under 100 since my diagnosis in 2008. That is a huuuuuuuge victory!

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Elliptical Trainer
253 cal
Avg HR 135 (included warm up & cool down)
Max HR 157


Expresso Bike
4.4 miles
124 cal
Avg HR 135
Max HR 150


Dumbbell Squats 3/25 - 8 lbs
Forward Lunges w/ Dumbbells 3/15 - 5 lbs
Lateral Lunges w/ Dumbbells 3/15 - 8 lbs
Crunches 3/30
Bicycle Crunches 3/30
Crunches on Fitness Ball 3/30
Vertical Crunches w/ 5 lb Dumbbels 3/30
Scissor Crunches 3/30
Leg Lifts with Fitness Ball 3/15


All I want for Christmas is to lose 3 lbs. this month!

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