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Wednesday, December 05, 2012


460+ comments in 2 days? So much love and support from people I've never met has truly overwhelmed me.

I think my scale really wanted me to get to that 90 pounds down because it hasn't been cooperating since Monday (back to 185-186). Maybe I was dehydrated, or maybe God just wanted a smile on my face. But as I've said so many times before, it's not about the number on the scale, it's about how I feel, and thanks to all of you I feel stronger and better than ever.

Yesterday was the start of my training for a half marathon that will be on April 13 here at my school. I spent the majority of the day moving apartments and was exhausted. But after seeing so many supportive comments I decided I was going to run my 3 miles for Tuesday at 7pm (on our very well lit bikepath, no worries Mom). Of course, at about 6:30 it started to rain a light drizzle. It is unseasonably warm here, about 55-60 degrees yesterday so the rain felt nice.

Well I was running and the rain slowly picked up. Finally, about 2.25 miles in, the monsoon hit. Rain was literally hitting me horizontally. I was the only person on the bikepath and I was laughing and screaming. There was no lightning or thunder, just a ridiculous heavy rain. The wind picked up and I was running against it the last half mile. I kept smiling to myself. Thinking of the 275 pound girl that took the bus a quarter mile across campus on beautiful days. And now I'm running in a rainstorm?

I'm just so much more capable than I ever realized. But you all helped me realize it.

Tomorrow is another 3 miles but the weather looks better. Just hoping my tennis shoes are dry by then. :)
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