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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I am on my fourth day of Livefit…I did it first last Spring and made it through week 9 before I got some stomach bug that wiped me out! I had forgotten how sore I would be; but it’s a good sore, not the “I can’t walk or sit” kind…at least not until after I do legs tonight! The clean eating is going better this time I think. I have ideas written down for meals ahead of time and don’t leave it to last minute to figure it out; which results in disaster.

Which brings to mind…does anyone have a more economical substitution for Ezekial bread? I am paying triple what I normally would for bread!! And, is there a carb friendly tortilla out there as well? Please don’t suggest I make my own…I am full to the limit on cooking up my clean eating meals. I have read that Trader Joe’s has some good ones…any ideas?

I have also come across the Gracious Pantry, which has a ton of clean eating recipes and a lot of them are user-friendly; which for me means they don’t contain expensive or unheard of ingredients. Jamie Eason may not approve but my sweet tooth will not be ignored! There are some crock pot brownies on that site I am dying to try!!

Oh, and how could I forget? I ran my first 10k this past Saturday and finished with a very respectable hour and five minutes and some sort of seconds; my pace was 10:36.

This is really the only place that I do a little bragging. I don’t do it at work because I am surrounded by nosey, two-faced, negative, narrow-minded people. Anyway…the one lady that I previously blogged about on here, Nosey Rosey, flat out asked me when my next run was while I was having a conversation with someone else ACROSS the room. Mind you, I have extremely cut back our conversations to ‘hi’ or ‘morning’ or something very simple like that because I couldn’t handle her unending runs of questions for me every day. So, when she wanted to know when my next run was, I told her that I didn’t have one. She quickly asked when my last one was…and I told her this past Saturday I did a 10k. Oh! Goodie! She wanted to know how I did and I told her and THEN she asked if I stopped and walked any. Well I did have to walk some on the last mile and I don't mind that people know this but since it was her, totally rubbed me the wrong way. I said, with a laugh so it wouldn’t come out so abrasive, “WHY does that matter? I did it, I completed it”. She said she was just wondering…I wanted to say “well DON’T” but I went back to my conversation I was trying to have the whole time she was asking me things and ignored her. Grrrr! Take the hint woman!! This is something I have always wanted to reply to her when she asks 50 billion questions “why does it matter”. She’s a gossip. Nosey people really bug me. There. If I want to share my life details with you, I will and I do with certain people. If you’ve got to pry them from me with a hand held can opener…something’s wrong.

The conversation I was trying to have while she was interrupting was with a co-worker that is doing the Spartan Beast this weekend. It is one of the toughest, most grueling mud-runs there is…and I’m volunteering to help, NOT participating in the race. I do have some sense, lol. The guy that’s doing it, I’ll call him Spartan here, has not prepared and he knows this. Everyone here at work knows it and I do feel sorry for him but he’s had several months to get ready and for whatever reason, he didn’t. I try to keep everything positive and tell him he can do it. Other co-workers are sarcastic, making fun of him and getting in digs anywhere they can. If I hear them I will speak up and say “when’s the last time you went for a run?” or something like that. I also said to them I would not be making fun of Spartan because he’s doing it…none of us are. Everyone here with the exception of three people, are grossly overweight. So they have zero room to make fun of anyone.

And what’s funny is this: he said this morning that throughout this whole thing, only one person has supported him and then he pointed at me. In the past, when they’ve had a group lunch for pizza or brought in donuts or some crap and I’ve passed on, Spartan was the very first one to make fun of me for it. Hmmmm, I do believe in Karma. I believe you get what you give. I’m hoping he learns something from this experience.

Thanks wonderful Sparkpeople for reading my blog! Have an awesome Wednesday and may the rest of your work week fly by!

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    Oh, how cool, I am also doing Livefit and I love it. As for the meal planning. I am still sticking to Sparkpeople's and have not completely transitioned to clean eating because it's crunch time which means I barely cook.
    1905 days ago
    Catch up time:)...

    Wish I had suggestions on the Ezekial substitute. I have bought it on sale and only when it is on sale. I am too cheap and pretty much buy what I like. Not always the best choices in terms of carbs, but I feel okay about it. Buy some high fiber/high protein wraps at Costco and these little pita pockets I love (also at Costco). They are also available in grocery stores, but Costco is cheaper. My indulgence is the great tasting Italian pita pockets (not the best for ya, but 100 cals). They are big and I stuff them with egg whites and nutritional yeast. Yum! A friend of mine buys all the low carb stuff. Check out the brands and get on their site/email list and you may get some coupons. Says frugal Kristin who has a separate email for such things:) LOVE Gracious Pantry too. I have a few others. I'll shoot you an email when I get a chance.

    Woohoo on the 10k. Awesome time. I wish I had that drive to do it. In my head and fantasies. Anything past a mile at a time destroys my brain. Guess I will stick with popping in Spirit of the Marathon and pretend I am one of them:)

    As for Nosey Rosey, I was thinking I would have probably shot back...OH, did YOU walk when you did your 10k? Yeah, didn't think ya did one! Nuff said!!!
    Grrrrr! What the heck is wrong with people? That is what separates positive and negative. Ya know? They have an inability to elevate anyone because they feel so little of themselves. You would think that the childish behavior would change, but find they rarely change.

    On to Spartan (love that nickname), perhaps what has happened is he is so accustomed to having to play the games of others at work (for survival) that it is an automatic response. You showed him a grace that changed him:):):) I believe in that stuff. It doesn't always work, but sometimes it is a beautiful change and unites people. Love that kind of stuff. Now as for him not training for it. There is something really amazing to me about people who are able to Just Do It. That alone is a huge win in my book. Taking the jump is awesome. There is something to all of our planning and all but there is also something pretty cool about just taking a leap:) Wishing him the best!!! Oh and it sounds like you have a new friend. That's pretty cool too.

    Seems I am a half full kind of person when it comes to others today. People make fun of me for that. Now why can't I be that with myself??? LOL
    1905 days ago
    emoticon on the 10k! emoticon job!
    1905 days ago
    I have to admit, I never bought ezekial bread... Never could find it. I have to freeze my bread, I eat it so infrequently, so I'd just stick to whole grain or whole wheat.
    Tortillas, I have tried some low carb, some low fat but my favorite are whole wheat from Costco.... i wish I could remember the brand. Tortilla Land? You have to cook them, but they tasted soooo good.

    Congrats on the 10k!

    Also, dont be surprised if Spartan makes it through his race. I had a friend in similar situation do Tough Mudder. He walked it but he made it (up a mountain in Tahoe, no less).
    Do they have teams in the Spartan races?

    I have set the goal for one mud run next year, but nothing like TM or Spartan.
    1905 days ago
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