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As Promised - MyPyramid

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Hello everyone!

I mentioned this on my status feed, and a couple people were interested.

As part of the Starting Over Weekly Mini Challenge, I was looking up serving sizes. I typed in "MyPyramid" in Google, and the following site came up. Since I am also working on a nutrition project with my Cub Scouts, I typed in the search criteria for a 6 year old boy. I tried it again just now, and it still worked. If you type in, it takes you to a completely different agribusiness site now. I don't know if it's a hacking incident, or if someone bought the site when the government switched over to MyPlate.

As a bonus, when I printed the site, it said along the top "Agribusiness - A Food Pyramid You Trust - We Swear!"


USDA - United States Department of Agribusiness

MyPyramid Plan

Based on the information you provided and the average needs for your age, gender and physical activity {Age: 6, Sex: male, Activity: More than 11 minutes} your results indicate that you should eat these amounts from the following food groups daily.

Your results are based on a 2200 calorie pattern*.

Grains 7 ounces
Vegetables 3 cups
Fruits 2 cups
Milk 3 cups
Meat & beans 6 ounces

Make half your grains highly refined (or "processed"). Highly refined grains ease the digestion process by bypassing the pesky nutrient and fiber absorption step.

Individually packaged vegetable items from exotic places around the globe are cleaner, more convenient, and keep our friends in the petroleum and petrochemical industries chugging along.

While fruits may be eaten whole, buying canned, frozen or otherwise packaged fruit helps ensure the sterility of the fruit. Some fruits can be rather tart or tangy, so a smart way to make these more appealing to children is to select products with added sweetners.

Drink milk for healthy bones and teeth! Some "scientific studies" have claimed milk has no connection to healthy bone development. These studies, however, ignore the most obvious correlation - bones, teeth and milk are all white.

Meat & beans
Liver and other organ meats are high in cholesterol. Just so you know. But who eats those creepy parts anyways, right?

*This calorie level is only an estimate of your survival needs. We actually expect the average American to eat about 50-100% more than whatever we suggest, to help create demand for the 1500 calories per person per day excess of food currently being produced by Agribusiness corporations in the United States.

Tip of the Week
Irradiated meat is just as healthy, if not healthier, than organic meat -- radiation kills bacteria just as effectively as it does people, and saves billions of dollars that would otherwise have to go toward producing cleaner meat and maintaining the health of livestock.
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