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One Year Anniversary Post!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Yes, I've been here a year and what a year it has been. Quiet, calm, steady, peaceful. Okay, well maybe not that peaceful, but I digress. I'm proud to say I've been Sparking for one year exactly today. So what's changed you may wonder?

Me. emoticon You knew I was going to say that, didn't you?

I was fumbling for answers and solutions to my fitness and body woes. I went from a very healthy, happy gym rat to someone who experienced congestive heart failure (in '07) very unexpectedly. They found other stuff, too, while I was being treated in the ER that afternoon. The result of the entire experience is that the illness wrecked my body, the treatments wrecked my body, I began to recover slowly (Yay!) only to discover I was left with a wrecked body and little guidance about how to proceed.

Today I'm around 15 pounds lighter--my goal--and now I'm in the process of toning what's left of me... ha ha. And guess what, folks, I'm actually toning up and getting stronger.

I'll never forget the day I joined because I discovered I had shingles (Eeek!) about 2 hours later. I was sick for a few months, but I Sparked every day and hardly ate because of pain. You'd think I would have lot a ton of weight, eh? Yeah, it didn't happen. This is the best description I can find to describe how I lose weight:

I lose around a pound per month, and so help me, if I hadn't caught on to NSVs, I might have given up. I lost inches immediately. I looked less "round" according to one friend. Ha.

I don't have any new photos; my profile pic was taken about a month before joining Spark. I will take some at some point and post them here. emoticon I think my new goal is to be a contemporary version of my old self. I felt pretty good here back in the day:

We'll see how it goes!

This progress is all due to Spark and to you, my lovely and amazing Spark friends, who share so much and help so much and who are so constant in my life. I could never thank you enough. I don't believe there are enough Spark goodies to give!

Just accept my love and thanks for everything you give every day and for making life a much better--and healthier and happier--journey for us all.

xo, Jane
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