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Working through back Pain

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

So I pulled something in my lower back (I mean like top of the butt lower back pain) and spent yesterday flat on my back in spasms. (upshot: I finally had time to check out Angry Birds Star Wars edition on my Ipod)
Thankfully it was not a scheduled cardio day so white I feel overly upset that I did not move much, I really don't feel like it is a total setback yet.
Today it is still sore but not killing me. I would like to keep it that way.

Today IS a scheduled cardio day.
Does anyone have any recommendations for cardio I can do that is low risk? I would really like to burn some calories tonight.

I am already stuck at a plateau I rally don’t want to start loosing ground by missing days I do not have to.


A little more information about my back pain if it helps with suggestions:
I have suffered from Sciatica for over a year now. It is better now that I have lost some weight but not gone.
According to the x-rays my lowest vertebra is slightly misaligned and I suspect I hurt it when I tripped or something. I am clumsy and sometimes it doesn't take much.

Yesterday the very lower part of my back was in hardcore spasm mode.
Today it just feels sore and kind of “hot” (this makes me think I did hit the nerve again)
Bending still hurts a lot but as long as I am standing or sitting with a support I barely hurt at all.
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  • DALCANT757
    As long as there's no decreased sensation or weakness in your legs and groin, you are probably fine from a neurological standpoint. Shooting pains should probably warrant some sort of professional opinion since it can sometimes be something worse than a strain. Bedrest is no longer recommended for back pain. However, if it hurts to bend in a specific direction, it's probably not the best idea to do that anymore until things calm down.

    Your problem at this point is probably not so much sciatica, since it's mostly in your lower back, but more likely myofascial pain, like a trigger point, particularly since you feel like you pulled something. Working on non-painful range of motion as well as heat/ice and massage can make things feel better. Medications can sometimes help, but I find that manual therapies and exercise are more helpful overall.

    I agree with the pool walking idea to reduce forces on your back while maintaining your cardio regimen. Once things have calmed down, core strengthening is the way to go to help prevent further injury. Certain yoga routines can be helpful without being too stressful to begin.
    1836 days ago
    Sadly no pool is available to me, or I would. I think I may just have to view this as another setback and hope it doesn't last long.

    1836 days ago
    I agree with no-pushing and water walking if you feel up for it. My SIL had a herniated disk for over a year and she fell in love with walking laps at the pool at her gym.
    1836 days ago
    when my back hurts I go for water aerobics, or just walking laps in the pool
    1836 days ago
    Take the day off from your cardio workout ! You will not derail any of your efforts at weight loss or good health if you skip your workout today.

    You won't have a productive workout if you try to workout while you're in pain. Take a day or two to let that back rest. If you try to workout while it's still weak, you really do risk making the injury worse than it already is.

    There is an exercise myth that a person should push through the pain to get in a workout. And it's just that, a myth. Listen to your body. It's saying it's not right. That's why you need to take a couple of days off.

    As long as you are mindful of what you eat, you will not gain weight or harm your efforts at weight loss.

    1836 days ago
    I have dealt with all kinds of back pain for 20 years. I have had upper back pain due to stress and lower back pain due to slight injuries, like bending over while brushing my teeth. The back pain was not slight though.

    What worked for me with the lower back pain was to start slow. I didn't push myself if the pain was really bad. I just started walking and kept it under 30 minutes. After a couple of weeks, I was able to bend over and start lifting light things for only 10-15 minutes at a time.

    One of the best things you can do for lower back pain is to strengthen your core. Situps, bridges, and supermans helped me the most. I couldn't do the leg lifts with the supermans, because it hurt my lower back in the beginning. With back pain, if it hurts don't do it. If it feels stretchy, its probably ok.

    Good luck!
    1837 days ago
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