My Day of Organizing My Former Sized Wardrobes

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Organizing wardrobes in 3 messy closets was a major challenge but giving away several 50 gallon bags of clothes seemed like an impossible task. Thankfully, my friend came over & although I had no energy, I started in one closet & got momentum to finish the task. Talking about my weight gain & my frustration at bingeing & not making enough progress was easier than if I tried doing this task alone. She wanted me to get rid of all the clothes I can't fit into & start anew but I explained that would be giving up. I fully intend on wearing those favorite dresses & casual outfits of my former size. So she came up with a splendid idea: let's go through & you pick out your favorite jeans, dresses, outfits & then decide if you even want to keep the other clothes. This involved a different mind set for me: remember when I was my former sizes. If I could fit into these clothes, would I wear them anymore? Then I tossed the clothes I no longer liked in a big pile to be given away to thrift store. I kept a large bin of clothes for each size. The closets look much better & are practically empty & my friend took all the donations with her. I don't even remember what I gave away. However I certainly remember what adorable, stylish & beautiful clothes I kept! I absolutely can't believe I got this done in only 3 hours. Of course, I paid my dear friend for spending 4 hours folding all the clothes to be donated as well as the clothes to keep & organzing my current clothes. I told her she has a talent to organizing & gently encouraging to view things practically. I definitely could not have done this myself. I would've left those big piles of clothes all over & then eventually throw everything back in the closets. As I looked at the bins, marked size 4, size 6, size 8, size 10 & size 12, I realized there was enough in each bin to wear without buying anything additional. However, I will buy a couple new outfits as a celebration when I get to my former self at size 4. As I decrease in size, It'll be easier to give away the larger sizes since it's so organized. Most of my absolute favorites are in the size 4 & size 6 bins.
Here's what I learned today:

1. Have a trusted & supportive friend help you. Essential to keep you motivated to finish.
2. Remember how it felt to fit into former size & choose what outfits you'd wear immediately if you could fit into them right now.
3. Give yourself a time limit to think about clothes. If you hesitate, put it aside. Work on giving away the clothes that never quite felt right or looked the best on you. Think about how someone could enjoy these clothes instead of them beng stashed in a closet.
4. When tempted to feel sorry for yourself for not being able to fit into your favorite clothes, stop & think I WILL fit into these clothes soon! Don't waste time & energy on getting angry at yourself or analyzing why you got so fat. Plan what exercise you'll be doing together later to burn some calories.
5. Don't take a break until it's all done! Just keep plugging away with a time limit. My friend could only stay until 2pm. I could only stay home (before working) to do my sorting until noon. We began at 9am. We were constantly looking at the clock from where we were sitting. (My fear was that this big mess we created from emptying these closets wouldn't get finished & then I'd get depressed in a disaster area.
6. Praise yourself for managing to let go of so much while still holding onto what's valuable.
7. Don't dwell about money wasted. Be careful with spending in the future.
8. Keep Focused on the task! Do not allow interruptions (phone, email, visitors, etc.) Make this a priority.
9. Thank your friend & pay her for being your personal organizer because your realize her expertise & time are valuable (I paid her because I couldn't help her organize in return for her help because she's already organized).
10. Delight in all the space in the closets & show them off to your spouse later (& assure him you didn't touch his clothes at all). :)

Now it's time to stay with my workout & eating goals daily to wear those lovely clothes!
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