Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Worked at the piddly pay job today & was very very tired yesterday and today. Have had some grief, plus a runny nose for 2 days tho I feel fine. So I think it's likely I'm fighting something off.

I took time to cook yesterday; bags of raw veggies made up, cooked a chicken in the crockpot, and made spaghetti. Cut up grapefruit and lemons to use throughout the week. Bought boneless chick breast at food Lion for $1.74 lb, and at Aldi's I got ground beef for $4 off per pkg. Browned the groundbeef with onion and froze it, and washed and froze the chick breasts individually. Aldi's also had 3lb bags of sweet potatoes for 50 cents ea. Am going to make each kind of mashed potatoes for lunches.

Today heard of a $12 an hour job I am excited about. I am applying tomorrow. It would be the perfect long-term job while job hunting for a professional job. A definite step up from where I'm at now.
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