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Day 279

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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Today is day 279 of my on track streak!

Well December is off to a great start for me...how about you? I have made a plan for what I'm going to do this month, because I know that the work I put in THIS month will decide who I am NEXT month! And I sure do want to get to January feeling healthy, strong and PROUD of myself for doing my best in December!

I've been on track since March 1st, and aside from losing at least 71 lbs, I have made SOOOO much progress! I feel completely different in so many ways....I'm not the same person that I used to be. The old me was depressed, unhealthy, and slowly dying from obesity. The new me is optimistic, strong, flexible and getting healthier one day at a time. I am changing my life. My progress may be slow sometimes, but I will never stop working for it.

When I started my streak, I was only able to workout for 15 minutes at a time, and even that was a HUGE struggle. I wanted to quit so many times! But I pushed myself to just keep going. I posted motivational quotes on the edge of the TV, so I could see them everytime I worked out. I'd change them up every week. They were sayings such as "Train insane or remain the same" ..."Results or excuses? You can't have both!" ....and "HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?"

I would sweat and pant like a dog during those workouts, and there were lots of times when I had to modify the moves or go at a slower pace, but I didn't stop. And slowly, I built up my strength and endurance. There were times when I literally surprised myself with how much better I was getting! I started increasing my exercise time, and then I started looking for a new workout to do.

I thank God that I found DDP Yoga! When I first heard of it, it was through a very motivational video I saw on Youtube, of a man named Arthur Boorman who completely changed his life by doing DDP Yoga. The video brought tears to my eyes, and made my heart beat faster. I thought "I want to try that! I want to do that yoga too!" Here is the Arthur Boorman clip, its really worth watching. Its one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen, and although I've watched it many times since I first saw it back in April, it still inspires and motivates me.


In May, hubby bought the DDP Yoga workouts for me, and I began to do them right away. I loved the workout...but boy was it hard! To be honest, when I first started doing the workouts, I thought I'd never get good at it. But I stuck with it, modifying the moves whenever I needed to. And as time went by, I got better and better! I'd found a workout that I absolutely loved, and to this day I still love it. Here is a sample clip of a DDP Yoga workout;


By the way, if you want to know what Arthur Boorman looks like today, he's in that sample clip. He's the guy wearing the maroon shirt in the background at :16 and :19.

I'm not trying to promote DDP Yoga. It works for me, and I love it. You might not. The important thing is to find a workout that you enjoy, because then you will actually do it!

Have a healthy December, everyone. Keep pushing to reach your goals. Don't wait to get started. If you start today, you will reach your goals one day sooner!

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