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Day 279: A House Full of Sicko's

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Everyone has a cold. The never ending cold. Bleh! Apparently there was 67 kids out yesterday sick. emoticon Holy Moly! Jacob was one of them with a fever. Both boys will be out today. :(

On Facebook I "like" MindBodyGreen. If you are not connected to them, you should be. They have great articles! Here are 2 from today that I think are must reads..


A couple of quotes from the first..

"I am not my body. This body that I have allowed to define me, to control my emotions and actions for so much of my life, is my vehicle, is what carries me. It is not who I am. I am my spirit; I am my personality; I am my actions; I am life; I am love. I am me."

" your body gives you life; your body takes you where you need to go; your body may have created your beautiful children; your body is an amazing piece of engineering. What's not to love?"

I am officially Under Construction. How is this different from yesterday or any other day, you may ask? Well, not sure. :) But I will say, I have a secret. Shh.. Now don't tell anybody.
I'm not perfect. I screw up ALL the time. I make mistakes. I can't keep my eating under control. I don't exercise like I should. I feel sad sometimes. I feel helpless sometimes. I feel defeated sometimes. I feel hopeless sometimes.
But you wanna know another secret? I don't ALWAYS feel this way. And I always know somewhere deep inside even when I do, that it won't last forever. That it's ok to feel sad sometimes because it won't always be that way. I know I can overcome anything because I have overcome so much. I will never stop. I may slow down to a slugs pace and even back peddle for miles until I feel so depressed and depleted that it looks like I may never get back on track, but I won't stop. I MUST keep moving forward. I must not ever let go. I will hold on for dear life even if just by my finger tips I feel that small bit of hope. I CAN DO THIS!! I WILL DO THIS!!!
Even with a never ending cold and a house full of sicko's. :)
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