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Ditching my diabetes diagnosis

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

With all of the excitement I’ve had counting down the days until I find out whether or not I have put my early-stage diabetes diagnosis in remission, today I find out that I’ll just have to wait.

Seriously? Me, wait? Funny. You’re joking, right?

Anyway, I guess I have no choice.

It turns out my insurance won’t pay for my blood work unless I wait until next Monday, so they not only had to push the blood work back, they had to push my doctor’s appointment back.



I wanted to say, “Hey! I did it!” but now I have to wait.

Is impatience a virtue? I didn’t think so. Oh well.

So here I am, my veins still intact and a early-stage diabetes diagnosis that stands at least for another week.

Hm. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. After all I understand it takes 120 days for HB A1C levels to cycle, and that’s one of the numbers I want to drop. It’s only been about 90 days, so I get another week for my A1C to do it’s thing and cycle out some.

For those that don’t know, the HB A1C number is essentially the number that represents a person’s average blood glucose reading over time. At least that’s my understanding of it anyway.

So far I haven’t been given any instruction as to what to do now that I have an early-stage diabetes diagnosis, so I’ve taken to the Internet.

There’s a whole lot of information out there, some of it good I imagine and some of it, I’m not sure. Do I know everything I need to know about managing diabetes? Probably not.

So tomorrow I plan on attending a seminar that might help me understand more of what I need to know. That way, maybe I’ll have a better chance of reversing my diagnosis and if that doesn’t happen, at least I’ll know how to live with a health problem I don’t want to accept.

Frankly, if it’s up to me, I’m not having it. Diabetes? Me? Nope, uh uh, that’s not happening, not if I can help it. I just wish I knew where I stood.

My blood glucose has been unmonitored between doctor’s visits. I don’t know how my body reacts to the food I’m eating. At least I’m eating healthy.

But even healthy food can cause a spike in blood sugar.

On another note, I did something silly last night. Okay, maybe not silly, but it’s certainly more interesting if I think of it as silly.

I wanted to make sure my numbers were good for today's blood draw, so I switched out my normal night-time treat of a teeny bit of ice cream for a tiny sack of granola with nuts and berries, and well, that doesn’t sound so bad until you get to the next day.

Poof, just like that, I wake up poofy! I wonder if I’m sensitive to whey or something else in the mix. I’ve never had that particular granola mix before and read the label the next day. It has whey and wheat and other such stuff that some people get all poofy over. When I say poofy, I mean inflammation spelled with all capital letters and written in squiggly red ink. Eeks.

I’m lactose intolerant, so that’s why I wonder if it isn’t the whey. After all, my body isn’t a fan of milk. I even switched to almond milk not so long ago. I still take my lactose intolerance pills because I still eat cheese sometimes and of course my nightly teeny treat of ice cream.

I don’t want to give that up. Not yet. I figure I’m living by the 90/10 rule, I eat healthy 90 percent of the time or better, so I indulge on a small treat once a day to keep me from losing my mind in “freggie land.” (Note: I do eat meat. I’m not a vegetarian, but I do eat a lot of produce!)

Have you ever tried eating a whole cup of raw carrots with nothing to dip it in? I have. Uh, not so appealing yet. At least I feel great after eating well, even if my mouth is still adjusting. I get bored after the first bite of raw carrot if it doesn’t have something slathered all over it. The thing is, I’m not slathering my food anymore.

I’m not even salting it. I went from being a person who salts their salt, to being someone who is contemplating using my table salt to salt my driveway when the snow starts falling and sticking.

I’ll be the only one shaking my Morton’s salt containers over the ice. My neighbors will probably think I’m daft! At least table salt is cheaper than rock salt!

I wonder what that will do to my boots. Hm. Neither option is pretty. It’s salty, or salty. I guess I get to take my pick.

Wow, I’ve really wandered off the subject! I do that sometimes. Well, I guess it’s off to another week or so of waiting to find out my fate. I hope I put that diabetes diagnosis in remission! Also, I hope I’m not poofy tomorrow! Otherwise I might have to add that to the list of things to get checked out. Hm. …
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    Wonderful one day at a time emoticon
    1929 days ago
    Great thoughts and super motivation! I'm always chonking on my plain ol' baby carrots, red peppers, broccoli florets and baby spinach, sans dressing or any goop. I've been enjoying a super book: Eat To Live by Joel Furhman...a bit extreme in his freggie lifestyle, but makes a LOT of sense!

    1930 days ago
    Best of luck with the remission!

    LOL my sister is someone who likes to "salt her salt." She complained SO much when she had some of my peanut butter one time, which is natural and unsalted/unsugared. I never looooved salt, but I definitely cut it down a lot on my way to becoming healthy, and now I don't miss it at all. I have all this salt that I barely ever use! And all my seasonings that have built-in salt (lemon pepper, steak seasoning, etc.) just take up space in my cabinet because I get sodium-free versions of stuff now. I need to give those old ones away!

    I hope you're feeling better after the granola incident. :)
    1933 days ago

    Thanks for sharing!


    Smile and Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
    Melinda (gopintos)
    Perfect Health Diet Team
    Country Living Team
    Dr Oz Show Fans Team
    Wheat Belly Team

    1934 days ago
    Once again you've made me smile... love love love your blogs, you are such a good writer!! One week will fly by and you'll have your results and I'm hoping along with you that they are good!

    Raw undressed veggies are the best.. I eat alot of mine that way too.. every lunch I have a raw veggie and fruit plate.. good stuff..

    1936 days ago
    1936 days ago
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