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A sigh of relief

Monday, December 03, 2012

Our water is fixed! First thing I did after getting the phone call was take a long shower. We have also been under a water shortage notice, so showers have been fast and unsatisfying (and forget about shaving your legs in the shower... it takes too long). I stayed in there until the water started cooling off. It was so wonderful! I can also drink the water out of the tap again, so no more buying water.

I walked 11.9 miles today. Cooper walked 8.6 of that with me. We tried out part of the new route I was thinking of as it was unseasonably warm and sunny today. I like the new route and it adds about 2 miles to our loop around the village. I think the full loop would be about 9 miles. I will have to map it out to know for certain. I have another loop I can add which would make it closer to 11 miles to complete. I think I will have to try the longer one and see how long it takes me. I won't take the dog when I go for the longest one, because that is a little far for his little legs. He is exhausted from the mileage I put on him today. (I can tell, since he is snoring in my lap.)

On the nutrition front I had a better balance of nutrients today. I had the leftover spaghetti squash for lunch, and ham steak with sauteed veggies on brown rice for dinner. I adjusted my weight goal for my next milestone of 173 (healthy BMI here I come!) to be reached on my mother's birthday on Jan 28, 2013. That changed my calorie intake goal a little. It is still plenty of calories, but not quite as much "wiggle room" as I have had for the last 6-8 months. All of this assumes that I maintain my current level of activity... which may change again as I have been feeling like a slacker about my ST routine (or lack thereof). I get plenty of cardio in, but I have been letting the ST slide. I bought the heavier weights and have only used them once. Definitely a slacker! I need to get back into a regular schedule with the ST.
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