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Monday, December 03, 2012

I am a bit torn about whether to join a 3 week bootcamp. It is $75 which isn't bad, and I have done this bootcamp before but I did the 8 week session. I am apprehensive for these reasons:

1. The owner, while motivating with her rock hard body, can be a bit much. And she likes to take credit where credit isn't necessarily due. She means well and is nice but it ruffles my feathers a bit.

2. While it is crazy intense, the results tend to be minimal. I will definitely tone and tighten up but in order to translate to weight loss, I will have to do cardio on my own.

3. Once you join, the owner, once again, can be too much in that she tags you in every motivational image she can find and because she is well known, my FB feed is overrun with "Likes" and comments that have absolutely nothing to do with me.

The positive side of joiing the bootcamp and the reason I am considering it is:

1. I have agoal of losing 50 lbs by New Years Eve. I am at 44 loss and I could use any extra help I can get.

2. It would be a good way to rejuvenate my workout routine which is beginning to get a bit lazy as the weather changes. Plus I will not need to do much extra planning for my workouts. I know exactly where I am going and what I am doing every evening at 6 pm.

3. I will tone up and lose inches which in turn will help me look better and feel better about some of the lose skin issues I have spoken about before.

My fiance seems to think that I am capable of doing this on my own but he supports me either way. I am also worried that this extreme workout will give me less energy and time to workout with my sister and she needs me right now because she is struggling with staying on top of her weight loss. I felt the best when she and I were succeeding together rather than me getting praise individually. Unfortunately, the bootcamp is not in her budget right now.

I would love your feedback Sparkies. What would you do?
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    I am much more motivated by classes, but there are other options that just this specific boot camp. maybe ask around and see what others like. I love kickboxing classes, which are about the same price and are known to give great results.
    1929 days ago
    I KNOW you are capable of doing this on your own. You said it... your sister needs you right now! And you need her too... why pay for something that you're not truly happy with (meaning the instructor). It aggravates me to no end when my feed is filled with junk. It's almost like checking your mailbox at home and it's filled with junk mail. Since your sister has a little ways to go and she's struggling get her to push with you and both of you encourage one another to put the work in!!! YOU CAN DO THIS NIKKI!!!
    1929 days ago
  • KROLES55
    I agree with Adarkara... I've worked out with a "Sargent Carter" type and I would leave class miserable though I could see the results...From reading your blogs I know that you can kick up it a notch on your own. emoticon
    1930 days ago
    Nikki, in my know you are my shero already!!! emoticon First, congrats on the 44 lbs!!! I'm leaning towards your sister. I love bootcamps, but your instructor does sound kind of coo coo lol. Seriously, I think you should keep pushing your sister to get back on track. Nothing motivates me more than seeing someone else do "better" than me and nothing frustrates me more than having to take this journey by myself!!! I only wish I had someone to physically workout with on a daily bases, I know I would prevail from that push. Maybe you could try some boot camp dvd's on youtube and get your sister involved. And when I absolutely don't feel like moving one muscle towards working out, I always turn to my Wii and Just Dance 2!! emoticon
    1930 days ago
    I know I personally wouldn't like a class where I don't care much for the teacher.. I would be focusing on that too much and not what is important..
    And, I am a huge family person, so your sister seems like a better option. You mention the other would also cause you to have less energy. I think that defeats the purpose of working out to get healthy. IMO.. We only live once.. And if you devote 110% to your workouts and obsessing about diet/exercise.. One day, you will look up and wonder where the time went.
    Have you looked at what your eating? Maybe that could be an added issue to the plateau.. Not sure if I mentioned it before.. My sis had lost +100 by fasting 7 years ago. Then, she bounce around in a 15pound range and couldn't break it. Even busting butt in crossfit. Then, she did the Primal Blue print 21 day transformation. She was finally able to get under 170 and has had more energy. Maybe that specific one doesn't appeal to you , but maybe something along those lines? To do a little 'reset' for your body? Just a thought.

    1930 days ago
  • GODSCHILD2_2011
    It seems as though you have listed more cons than pros about the boot camp. You only have 6 more pounds to lose which is doable in your time frame. I normally would agree with the others when they advised you to work out with your sister instead of doing the boot camp because often times we are greatly and richly blessed when we take our eyes off ourselves and reach out to help others.

    After reading your blog again, I realized that you stated you were slacking in your workout as a result of the weather change. It is sometimes necessary to put your need first in order to become the best you possible and it turn, you become the best you, you can be for someone else. Never allow yourself to feel guilty about that.

    Just like one of the other Sparkies stated, if you decide to do the boot camp, you can always incorporate those moves in the work out with your sister. You seem very committed to this lifestyle change and I have all confidence that you will make the right decision.

    1930 days ago
  • DALID414
    Just reading the first reason for your apprehension made me say Oh Hell No!! I can't follow instructions/directions from someone who 'ruffles my feathers' I'd be too annoyed.
    1931 days ago
    I agree with the comments suggesting you help your sister.
    I have found that when I am focused on helping someone else who isn't on the same level that I in turn push myself harder. I am preaching to this other person about healthier eating and pushing their workouts and I feel like a hypocrite to not be living up to those same standards myself.
    If you are the same type of person you might find yourself benefiting from a bit of extra time with your sister if she is motivated to exercise with you. Maybe check with your local gym and check out something fun and inexpensive. I enjoy getting together with a friend and renting a dance video game for my PS3 and laughing and sweating for a few hours. Or paying the daily rate at the community center and sneaking into the Zumba classes every now and again.
    $75 can be used for something far better than getting frustrated with a glory hog. Who knows maybe you will find a boot camp without an irritating owner.

    1931 days ago
    Save your money and your sanity and work out with your sister! Trainer lady sounds like a whackjob.
    1931 days ago
    You sound a little like grasping at straws in order to justify going for it.

    Better idea: spend the money on some resistance bands and resistance band DVD (or similar) and do that with your sister. The muscle work is what helps you get "right and toned" and "lose inches if not weight," so you need to add more of that.

    Cruise Amazon--they've got a deal (I think) where you can join Amazon Prime for one month free, which grants free two day shipping.

    It's a thought. Good luck!
    1931 days ago
    In my humbled opinion, I think you should be the encourager for yourself as well as your sister. I know bootcamps will possibly help you lose those last few pounds. But, would changing your current workout with your sister as well as eating well also help you accomplish your goal by New Year's Eve?

    Well, that's my thoughts toward the subject! But no matter what, I know you'll continue to reach your goals as well as being an inspiration to your sister including others!

    You Go Girlfriend! emoticon
    1931 days ago
  • EUEK098
    I see where you're coming from in terms of you needing that extra push, but your sister also needs you, if you can dedicate an hour to her each day as part of your other form of Cardio without fail, I say go ahead.
    If not, I suggest you incorporate some of the moves you learn't from her boot camp sessions into your routine and increase your ST. They have some hard core body weight exercises on YouTube, that are know to shred inches, or explore SparkPeoples options.
    1931 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/3/2012 2:55:01 PM
    Is there any way you could give her the gift of bootcamp as a holiday present? Otherwise, maybe buy the 30 Day Shred and do that with your sister. If she is struggling I'm sure she really appreciates your help and motivation. I'd find a way to do this on your own while helping her.

    Good luck with whatever decision you make!
    1931 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/3/2012 1:06:31 PM
    I agree with your fiance.....just do Coach Nicole's workouts and you will be fine or run outside for something new......Boot camps tend to lead to injuries as everything is done at warp speed which doesn't always translate to weight loss

    Well my two cents worth! Good luck and congrats for losing 44 lbs thus far
    1931 days ago
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