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Monday, December 03, 2012

December is hereeeeee!!!

And I didn't log in and spin the wheel the last two days. Sigh. But I tracked all of my foods! Woot woot! Even if it wasn't entirely stellar... Post birthday celebrations! And ho boy did I celebrate... ;).

Ok, so onto today. I planned for it! And actually, gasp, packed my lunch!!! I have yet to do this a single time this year. I am just so ridiculously proud of myself that it's ridiculous.

So working on hitting those goals like a bada$$. We're just going to pretend like the 1st and 2nd didn't happen... Selective memory... ;). This way I can just keep rocking what I'm doing and be proud of that... :D.

Exercise: Got in one 15 minute quickie (and not hardcore) this morning and another 15 minute quickie during my prep period that was pretty solid. So that's a start!!!

Nutrition: Staying in range today! There will be some restaurant made pizza, but not super greasy, so yay to that. I planned around it! Whoo! So I'm working WITH it, not as a negative or against it.

Floss: yay for last night! and this morning! We won't discuss the ew factor since it's been longer than it should have been.

Onto a healthier me! In more than just the body respect... Haha.

Ok. Time to go be a teacher again. Sigh.

That part is not as fun :P.
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