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My first two weeks at the Y: A review

Sunday, December 02, 2012

I am very happy to belong to a gym that is within walking distance of home again!

On Monday night I took a class called "Boot Camp." I was running a little late from work (crazzzzzzy week at work) and barely made it in time, so I didn't really have my pick of dumbbell weights. I think the weights I was using were a little too light for the most part. I liked the class overall, though not as much as Body Pump - it seemed way easier.

On Tuesday night I took a class called "Zumba 'N Sculpt" which was a half hour of Zumba and then a half hour of strength training. This class seemed too easy for me! I was sort of adding a few extra hops and things to my dance moves to try to get my heart rate up a little. It was probably the first time I had a fitness instructor who seemed to be less fit than me. The strength training was light, but that was OK because I'd done three days in a row of classes that had a strength component.

I haven't taken any classes since Tuesday, but I've been using the machines. I really enjoy the strength training machines at my Y - they're really new, and they rock back and forth as you use them - took a little getting used to, but they're fun, and they even have cup holders! I also love that each cardio machine has its own TV - makes the time fly by. There's one machine that is unlike anything I've seen before - sort of mimics roller blading - I enjoy it.

I really like how much people take care of the equipment at the Y. Things are always in the right place, and people clean off all the machines after they use them. This is a very pleasant change from my last gym, Work Out World.

Also, since this is a city gym I'm often the minory as a white person there. That's fine, just something I'm not used to. In my Zumba 'N Sculpt class, for example, there was only one other white person in the whole class, and she was sort of crazy (you know the type - the one who hoots and hollers out of excitement throughout the class! Haha.)

My complaints about the Y so far are very minor - one is that everyone seems to ignore the sign on the locker room door that says that the locker room is for 18+ only and families should use the family changing room or the youth locker rooms. I don't really care if there are kids in the locker room, but it's a little annoying that there are signs all over the place that it's not allowed and people ignore them. My other complaint isn't really even a complaint but more of a fear - this Y is really small and so far there hasn't been a problem, but I'm worried about it being overcrowded in January when the New Years Resolutioners come out. But then again I guess that would be a problem even in a bigger gym. At least at the Y there are so many options for things to do that if something is taken or a class is full, I can just do something else instead.

Anyway, overall I am very happy with the Y so far! Best part is, my hubby is paying our couples membership (which, at $51/month and no joining fee) really isn't bad! (He wants us to switch to a family cell phone plan and for me to pay that in exchange, but that hasn't happened yet.)

Happy December everyone!
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    Good for you for making it so much to the Y! That's great! I agree with some of the other ladies, try a different instructor and see if s/he is more intense. I def have my fav zumba instructor who makes me bust my @$$, where as the other ladies aren't as intense, and I find myself adding jumps and stuff like you just mentioned. HOpefully there's a good fit for ya there!
    1904 days ago
    I love the Y here! Glad it's working out for you so well...try a few other instructors for Zumba, maybe the one you got is on the lighter end of the spectrum...
    1904 days ago
    Glad to hear you are enjoying it!
    1906 days ago
    Glad you are enjoying! I belonged to a Y for years and I loved it!!

    Also, I have found at all gyms I have belonged to that it gets really crowded in January and then everyone stops going once Superbowl Sunday rolls around!
    1906 days ago
  • MRS.NG.06
    That's awesome that even though you had a crazy week, you got there! Good for you! That's 1/2 the battle right there.

    We were considering the Y's around here too....and when you get your membership, you can also visit the other Y's in the area if you are closer to another one for work and whatnot but we never got around to signing up yet. Other bills have been sucking the $$ out of us heheh. I like that if you get the family membership you can get free 2 hours of babysitting at the Y's in our area too..not bad if I say so myself! Definitely lots of perks. I hope because yours is small it doesnt get swamped after January...
    1906 days ago
    I have a friend who teaches Yoga at one of the Downtown Y clubs here, and she too complains that when she takes Zumba there, it';s not as Fitness-y as it is when she takes it with me, at a gym. Not every instructor is alike, try another one! Same for the other classes too! Eventually, you will find someone's style that meshes with yours!

    Sounds like the equipment is awesome! I'm jealous! My main ST gym is small, and full of meat heads... so it's hard to get the equipment I want. I try to put on the "mean girl" face as soon as I hit the floor there! LOL

    Keep enjoying it! But yes, the New year could bring a whole new set of fitness people that will change the space! Drop your comment in regarding the change rooms NOW... those signs are probably intended to reduce the amount of bodies in the main ADULT change rooms. I think you need to speak up!!! Hopefully, it will make things better in January at least!
    1906 days ago
    So glad you are having a good experience! I am an instructor at the Y an we call January "tourist season". It's over by February!
    I'd fill out a comment card about the locker room policy. Those cards have a crazy amount of power! It's unfortunate, but it happens. Takes a complaint from a member to get something done.
    1906 days ago
    I'm glad you are overall enjoying your Y experience so far! That's awesome. I know that from my limited corporate gym experience, some choreographed classes are harder than the non-corporate Y classes and yes, they seem to be less stringent when it comes to the types of people they hire -- but in a weird way, that can be a good thing, because it's less intimidating for some beginners etc. For me, I'm very picky about my instructors, so I won't take certain classes, because they are just not for me... my Y has some awesome and challenging instructors, even teaching ST classes.... so I stick to the ones I like. That's really all you can do-- as for bodypump? Maybe invest into the DVDs that are similar to bodypump and invest into a set of barbells... that way you won't have to ever worry about joining a gym just for that type of class- just a thought, since you have the space now.

    1906 days ago
    We had a Y near us when I was growing up, and man, I miss it. The gym I go to now is almost $70/month, and has half the things you just mentioned in your email... except for the instructors.... they are crazy fit and crazy intense which I usually love, except for in yoga. Glad you found a good fit AND that it is in walking distance from you! good trade gym for cell phone :)
    1906 days ago
    I love the Y!
    1907 days ago
    The Y sounds many classes, so many options! Glad you're enjoying it!
    1907 days ago
    1907 days ago
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