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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Today I went to Weight Watchers to weigh in and see what their new program holds. The report is that there is no change. They are still hanging on the points plus program which encourages fruit as the way to satisfy hunger when your points are all used up.

I went through the new book to compare it with the old book and there was pretty much no change. They are introducing more emphasis on daily habits like eating breakfast, putting your fork down between bites, but nothing substantive that will help the hard case. No suggestion that the hard cases need to eat less without being made to feel like mavericks.

I was surprised in looking over both the old and the new books to see that Weight Watchers has a whole section promoting their dumb Weight Watcher foods. It is so obvious that they are doing everything they can to exploit the fat person. In my case, I guess I was the perfect victim. I had 90 pounds to lose and it took me 8 painful years to lose 60 pounds.

December 8, 2012. Tomorrow is my regular weigh in day but I'm afraid to go to Weight Watchers because if I haven't lost weight since I started SparkPeople they will get the moral advantage. We'll see what happens.

December 27, 2012. Gad! Looks like I zigged when I shuda zagged. Another weight gain at Weight Watchers and no mystery to it: I've been eating my brains out. It's gonna be really hard to turn this barge around. Truthfully, thanks to the folly of Weight Watchers, my barge had already turned around while I was diligently doing Weight Watchers to a "T" and I didn't understand that when I came to SparkPeople I was going to have to make a drastic change which I was gonna resist.

But I did it. The first couple of weeks with SparkPeople I cut down on the calories by 30% and I lost weight.

Problem is, I rebelled against the loss of food. I thought that because I had found out what I was doing wrong, the rest would be easy. Ohnononononon! A Huuuuuuge part of me does not want to give up its food. So now I have to confront the monster.

The only good part is that I finally found out the problem. Now we shall see if I can find the solution.

So here is my plan. I am going to embrace both Weight Watchers for the human contact and use SparkPeople as my calorie guide. I need both programs together to gauge my fitness. Weight Watchers' ActiveLink gives me the minutes I walk and SparkPeople gives me the miles. Both together give me the calories burned.

December 28, 2012. I went to Weight Watchers last night. I got a lot of help from the leader who was not the one who seems to be stalking me and demanding that I lose weight without cutting back on calories. The bad leader puts me in a double bind. I have been avoiding her for years but she controls my local Weight Watchers. So last night I went to a meeting farther away and it was really a great leader and a great meeting. The problem was that I had gained weight. Thanks to SparkPeople this is no mystery. I have been eating too much food, therefore I gained weight. No mystery. Thank God I got away from the magical thinkers in Weight Watchers.

January 16, 2013. I found a leader who is as afflicted as I am. I had a great time.

May 8, 2015. They got rid of the leader i liked so much. They are trending toward women who don't have real weight problems.

There is one leader I really have to stay away. I'll call her Sarah. I carefully monitor Sarah's meetings so that I will not run into her. Today I made a mistake and went to one of her meetings. In the middle of the meeting there was a terrible sound that came from the ceiling. it was a workman working with an electric tool of some kind and it sounded just like a bodily sound like a grumbling stomach or worse but very very loud. Everyone laughed. I was too pissed off about being there to laugh but it kept happening and it happened always when Sarah was about to make a serious point. It kept happening and happening. I started to laugh with the others. Then I throught, "It must be my avenging spirit getting even with Sarah for all the indignities she has afflicted me with, most notably, she checked me into one of her meetings when I wasn't there to beef up her numbers. It just so happened that I was not able to celebrate my goal which took me ten years because Sarah had done that.

Well, when I saw her today she was pretty fat, so that was okay, but not enough to make up for the fact that she always treats me like a child and hugs me and tells me she loves me which she obviously does not. Somewhere along the line she learned that if she meets somebody she has an aversion to and she tells them she loves them, that's supposed to make it okay.

So that was it. My avenging spirit set her up for total humiliating and I have carefully marked all of her meetings so that we will not meet again.

The real reason I don't like Sarah is that she has sabotaged my weight loss. She was very insistent that Weight Watchers encourages us to eat as much fruit as we want to. I knew it couldn't be right so I researched the materials and I showed Sarah where it said that if we found ourselves eating too much fruit some of us might need to count the points in the fruit. That was the first time she let me know she was mad at me by telling me she loved me. Well anyway .... and then recently she made a point out of arguing that potatoes are perfectly fine to eat.

Well, I have short, lazy and old. I can't eat as much as other people, nowhere near as much as I could eat when I was young. I have to watch every calorie. So I just feel that she does not allow me to recognize myself as a hard case and to made proper adjustments which is one reason it has taken me 11 years to lose 75 pounds, every day as hard as the day before.

It just makes me mad that it is so hard and all I get for my effort is criticism for being a negative person as if there were no difference between different people with different kinds of weight problems. Mine is a hard one. The ones who have it easy should not be allowed to beat up the hard cases.
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    I appreciate the comments, especially people who say I seem to be strong enough to lose weight on my own without Weight Watchers. Actually I can't do anything alone. I should wear one of those tags they make for dogs that say, "If I'm alone I'm lost." Hahahaa.
    1051 days ago
    In 1958 my mother used to hold Weigh Watchers meetings at our house. It kind of ended up being kind of a pot luck buffet and gossip fest. ha ha I don't remember anyone actully ever losing weight. My dad always called it The Fat Club. ha ha..he was very supportive, though
    emoticon .

    1480 days ago

    Today the leader at Weight Watchers reminded us that we should be eating between 5 and 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. That brings the lowest possible calorie count up to 1500 without using any of the discretionary points (7 a day) or eating any of your activity points. If you add the discretionary points you are up to 1820 calories a day plus whatever activity points you earn.

    No one that is short and elderly can lose weight on that. So they scold you. "Don't use age as an excuse." "You are cheating." "Don't eat your discretionary points." "Be moderate with your fruit intake." The experience is that you are promised food and then punished by having food taken away from you and by being criticized for having an eating problem.

    As far as I can see Weight Watchers is for young, active people who have a few pounds to lose. The leaders tend not to have been obese, but merely overweight. They do not have compassion or the experience to help the troubled "hard case."
    1875 days ago
    Weighed in at Weight Watchers today. Another two tenths of a pound weight gain. I am figuring out the math. Weight Watchers gave me 26 pounds a day plus 7 points a day and free fruit. I cut myself down to 23 points which was good, but I made the mistake of believing their "free fruit" policy so I was eating 5-6 big apples a day. They way they figure it, I should get 26 points a day plus 7 discretionary points plus 4 points in free fruit and vegetables. Okay, so at 40 calories per point that would make my food intake at Weight Watchers 1480 a day. I knew this was too much so I cut down my points allowance from 26 to 23 and I ate NO discretionary points. If I hadn't eaten any fruit that would have been a weight losing diet at 23 times 40 = 902 calories. But, of course, I couldn't resist the free fruit so I added about 500 extra calories a day which brought my daily intake under the Weight Watchers program to 1420 and I was very slowly gaining weight at that rate.

    SparkPeople gave me a range with an upward allowance of 1450 and, predictably, I did not lose on that so I lowered the upper point to 1400 and I still have not lost weight. My calorie count since I joined SparkPeople is 1313 calories a day. If I can cut that down to 1250 a day I think I may start losing slowly so that is my goal.

    TAKE NOTE: SparkPeople gave me a boost of 100 calories a day off of my former diet at Weight Watchers so that was a big bonus just for joining SparkPeople without any analysis, just the freedom to know the facts. Weight Watchers does not give you the facts, just nearly religious faith based program, based on points and free fruit. No calories so you do not know what you are doing. Then, when you fail to lose, they find at least one thing out of the hundreds of things they want you to do that you have not done right and ask you to correct it. It is crazy.

    Today I cut 50 calories off of my upper limit to 1350 so that may be a start. emoticon
    1878 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/2/2013 9:03:59 PM
    I have been here at spark for four years.
    but I think that having no one beat me up for being on plateau for so long, has been what I needed to do to get rid of the sagging skin problem.
    I have not belonged to a food support group outside of Spark
    because my eating was caused by my
    inability to tell the difference between a feeling and hunger.
    I have found taking care of my emotional needs has helped me loose inches.
    My pants are falling off and I need to purchase new jeans because they slip down to my hips and show off my (*&^) when I bend over.

    I have also found some spark members who are local who I
    depend on for my support group. We may start a walking group at emoticon two malls in the area. We can only see what happens...
    Happy Holidays.

    1890 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/21/2012 9:34:24 AM
    I am being very careful about breaking off my life long relationship with Weight Watchers. I went to a meeting today to get weighed in. I use Weight Watchers to fulfill the weekly weigh in requirement of SparkPeople and also to measure my calories burned. Weight Watchers has a great accelerameter called "Active Link". When you use it in conjunction with SparkPeople's Map Your Route to measure calories burned for walking it is really great. Now that I am less dependent on acceptance from the Weight Watchers leaders (thanks to SparkPeople) I get a kick out of going to the meetings and noticing what really mean bitches they are. Hahaha. emoticon
    1893 days ago
    Wow! Someone who thinks just like me! I have worshiped at the altar of WW too many years. I am SO glad I'm here with Sparkpeople. I am still in the "deprogramming" stage. I'm not looking at food as points anymore. I'm getting there.
    1896 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/14/2012 10:36:16 PM
    PurpleCow, WeightWatchers has gone awry. Their Points Plus program is based on the false belief that fruits use more calories to digest than they have in them. It is insanity. They had the nerve last month to tell all of us to raise our goal by ten pounds. Hahahaa. My goal is precious to me. I will not give it up.

    Gubitnik, I wish I agreed with you that I do not need Weight Watchers. I sure can find better places to put that $600 a year. But, I have diagnosed myself as a "hard case" and I may need more than one program. If so, I will accept my fate with good grace. If not, I will surely give up Weight Watchers as soon as I can. The one thing standing in my way is their ActiveLink which is a perfect tool to gauge calories burned when used in conjunction with SparkPeople's "Map your route". Anyway, I appreciate your confidence in me. I hope you are right. I hope I can save my money.
    1900 days ago
    Refugee, you really sound like the kind of person who doesn't need WW.
    You have the stick-to-it-ativeness to get the job done alone.
    Maybe your money would be better spent, on some kind of fitness program.

    1902 days ago
    I left WW when after losing 30 pounds, I started gaining and my leader's advice was to "raise your goal weight so you keep lifetime" not trying to find out why I was gaining. I left and never looked back. I like it here on SP, much friendlier to my wallet, real food and great support.
    1902 days ago
    Unfortunately, I fall under the category of one of the hard cases. Love it! Succintly put.

    If you don't give up Weight Watchers, old habits die hard. But please do not give up on Spark People. Most of it is free, free, free. Support here is incredible!
    1902 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/9/2012 12:40:09 AM
    December 4, 2012. I am getting madder and madder at Weight Watchers. I just completed a two mile walk and, according to Weight Watchers Active Link, I am a no good lazy bum. Using the SparkPeople map your walk I get credit for 180 calories. The Weight Watcher Activlink costs $40 plus $5 a month and you can't use it unless you are a member of Weight Watchers which costs $40.00 a month.

    My question is this: Does the SparkPeople step recorder come with a monthly fee like Weight Watchers Activelink or do you get to use the computer/internet interfacing software for free after you pay $60 for the device.
    1907 days ago

    I hit a plateau which lasted 3 years after I lost 60 pounds. I had lost all the weight I could lose on their diet and just sat there vacillating between a 60 pound weight loss and a 55 pound weight loos. It was not my fault. I needed to cut down on my food which they refused to let me do. So that was another three years at $600.00 a year and this would have gone on forever if I hadn't found SparksPage.

    I may be in Weight Watchers for another 10 years because I don't want to disturb the relationship I have developed with them. I am too fragile emotionally to give up my "family." But at least I know I am being exploited and this gives me a huge edge over the leaders. Today I was so happy to see the change in me since I found SparkPeople. I can sit there and no one can get to me. It's great.

    Went to Weight Watchers today to weigh in. I lost 3.2 pounds of bloat which I have been playing with for the last three years I have been on a plateau at Weight Watchers. I have been suffering the stings and arrows that Weight Watchers hurls at their failures. I promise I have never failed to track, have never exceeded the points allotted me (except for three times in 9 years, and have almost never used any of Weight Watchers 49 discretionary points.

    For nine years I have been telling them that they are giving me too much food and during all that time I have been told I am lying and cheating. The last straw was when the leader told me I was eating too little food.

    When I found SparksPeople I found I was eating too much food, around 1850 calories a day. No wonder I had to work so hard.

    So, with the help of SparksPeople I identified my problems (too little oil, too much carbohydrate) and I expect to start losing weight pretty soon. It will still be very slow for me because of my age, my height, and my activity level, but at least I will be losing and I will be in the zone that is emotionally safe for me: controlled by a good diet.

    1907 days ago
    PeppyPatti, Thank you so much for supporting me. I don't track water because I drink tons and tons of it but I will from now on, just to be correct.
    LindaS, they used to have us eat two pieces of bread a day, tops. was eating way to much bread. The big giant, glaring problem is the free fruit.
    Glitter60, thank you for your kind words, "Don't feel bad if you want to quit Weight Watchers." I hold those words very dear. I have a huge loyalty built up. I will have to be careful about breaking that bond. emoticon
    1908 days ago
    The Spark Community is great. All they are giving you is free for the asking. But one must be motivated enough. Losing weight is not easy. You have already shown yourself you can do it. Just start with the baby steps of drinking your water & moving even 10 min a day. In time, there will be no stopping you!
    emoticon emoticon
    1908 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    I seem to remember that WW was way lower carb in the really old days. I hear that they're not successful in the long run--or why would there be lifetime members? Carbs are the key for me and many others, plus food sensitivities could play a role. I'm virtually off grains and feel really well. I eat no fruit except berries and an occasional apple. Maybe a little experimentation? Hoping you find the answer!
    1909 days ago
    i left weight watchers because it was too much like high school.'

    dont feel bad if you want to quit weight watchers. i have found sooooo much more support with spark people.
    why dont you join TOPS or Over Eaters Anonymous

    i am older and it is hard to me to lose weight too. spark people are a great support group. good luck emoticon
    1909 days ago
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