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November 2012 zips into the past; planning December

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Yep, ye olde goal review time.

== November goals ==
1) Stably below 170 emoticon
-- Whoops! Well, I was. Then I went a little food crazed and bounced back up to 172.5. Today I'm back down to 170. While I can't cleanly call it met, I actually am right in that range so I can aim lower for next month.
2) First emoticon - 1:40:00 or better emoticon
-- Accomplished in 1:26:10, walking almost the whole way. (I did a small jog across the finish line and past.)
3) NaNoWriMo - 50,000 words emoticon
-- I did do this. I just didn't find enough minutes. Between going to bed super-early a couple nights, going to the movie, going to the club, and not thinking to carry my laptop to work every day to write during my commute, I didn't make the best time choices. End result? 41,695 words. Still not bad at all. I'm happy with it. It's probably 40,000 more words than I've ever written in a single story and I'm still writing.
4) Two more slow cooker meals emoticon emoticon
-- I've done this. I will say, however, that the interesting thing about being just one person and having normal-size recipes and crock pot, is that something like beef stew .... lasts. I can have it for dinner almost every night for two weeks.
5) Reorganize storage emoticon emoticon
-- WHOOPS! Haha, completely forgot about this one. Didn't even go over there. Then again, had I done so, it would have been more time taken from NaNoWriMo, so I'm not horribly disappointed. It's not going anywhere.

== by Winter ==
4) Social activity emoticon emoticon
-- The NaNoWriMo write-ins were great for this. I'm thinking about looking into other meetup style things. Going out dancing at the club may not count quite the same, as I dance more than I socialize, but I'm doing that too which is getting out of the room and around people.
6) Vote emoticon emoticon
-- Did this. I even went in with a paper on which I'd worked out every choice I was making on the Propositions, so no last minute attempts to figure out whether Yes or No was better.
Was happy with most of the results, even those that didn't match what I voted for.

All-in-all, not bad. Only one goal completely flubbed, a few not quite met but good progress, and those met done well. I'll take it.

Now to think about this last month to end the year 2012.

== December goals ==
1) See 165 on the emoticon at least once, maybe stably there. Hoping to be down to 168.5 or below by Wednesday, undoing my bounce, but as usual not focusing too much on weight as a measure.
2) Full military pushup. emoticon This is one of my big goals through the BLC#20 that I've been working on. I really really want to succeed this month.
3) At least another 20,000 words in my novel. emoticon NaNoWriMo ending is not a reason to stop writing now. I want to finish this first draft so I can go back and liven up my main character and make him someone people want to read about.
4) Keep treat snacks emoticon down to two a day or less. More working out meant more calories, and I was filling them with more treats. I'd rather fill it with a bit more lean protein at meals, some more veggies and fruit as snacks, and keep treats in the more "special" category.
5) Reorganize storage. Get rid of stuff I'm not ever going to need. emoticon This does still need to happen "someday", though a rainy day like today is not the day.
6) Have my Between Rounds challenge emoticon mostly plotted. (Need to find out who we coordinate with. Check with 3_GIANTS_4_ME as she was the one getting it filled. My weekend is 11 Jan to 14 Jan, but I want to have the core idea, points, and such plotted out before the end of December.)

Off and away goes December! I'm looking forward to 2013. emoticon I think it will be the first year in a long time that I can see magazines at the supermarket checkout with "get your swimsuit body ready" and "a swimsuit for your shape" and not turn up my nose knowing there's no way to be swimsuit ready in three months when you're 250 pounds and no swimsuit on this planet can hide 100 extra pounds of adipose tissue. Not that I actually need a swimsuit unless I move somewhere with a pool. But I'm hoping to fit hiking into 2013 - even if it takes 2 mile walks to get to the trails, and being in the condition to do so is exciting.
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