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Clarifying my WUB (weekly update blog)

Sunday, December 02, 2012

I try to write the weekly Update Blog on Fridays. So once a week I analyze if I am actually doing these 6 behaviors that will get me to good health.
I have found it to be the best way to keep myself going in the right direction. I have tried many , many methods of goal-setting and tracking my adherence to those goals. WUBBUBING has worked for me!

I have learned to focus on specific behaviors emoticon of mine, rather than general goals like I will lose 5 lbs. this month. So each GOAL equals A BEHAVIOR.

When I started this WUBBING, I put down goals(behaviors) that I already did most of the time! emoticon that sounds like cheating, but I wanted it to be a successful experience. Just the weekly writing was enough to handle in the beginning. It was a new habit and new habits take time to establish.

Therefore, one of the goals (behaviors) emoticon needs to be about actually doing the writing each week or so. Whoever I copied it from did it this way. I was lucky to have found that.
I since have found people who analyze themselves regularly--even with a WUB--but they have different methods. Lucky I found the best (for me) way first.

People say I have too many goals. That can happen, but if I put things mostly that I already do, it is not hard at all. And it is not too many goals. I agree having 6-- brand new --goals(behaviors) to develop would be too much. And even behaviors that I am used to often get neglected in this crazy life of ours.

I actually believe in changing only one behavior at a time. I think I am doing that even if my WUB has 6 goals. I hope you can understand that. It is a little convoluted. emoticon

I also know about 'SMART' goals. I have not tried to be too picky about making each goal adhere to the SMART goals rules. I suppose I could do that. It just seems unnecessary right now. SMART means specific, measurable, attainable, r?, and in a certain TIME frame.

Good luck! emoticon


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