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Vacation weigh in results..

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Sunday, December 02, 2012

I normally don't blog on night shift simply because its tough to keep my train of thought from getting derailed. I guess old bloggers never die, they just lose their text and wander.. I hope I don't do that tonight.

Some have inquired about how my vacation went so here it is...I weighed in the minute I got home and I was mildly amused at the numbers. Since I have tracked such instances of sudden weight gain before, it was no surprise and I also could place a very accurate guess as to how long it would take for the weight to feather back down.

This was, however, a new all time record for sudden weight gain.

Almost 16 pounds from my lowest average weight.

Guys can retain insane amounts of water too, im one of them.

I'm sharing this in the hopes that it might help someone else get off the emotional roller coaster where ones self esteem is tied to the scale. I made it a point to divorce my sense of success or failure from the scale a long time ago for this very reason and it is disheartening to hear of sincere, dedicated people getting so discouraged by a one or two pound uptick.

One lesson i learned early on is that weight loss is not the textbook 1-2 pounds per week linear experience that we are led to believe. After having lost well over 100 pounds, i understand this all too well. My progress looks more like an amusement park ride.

I learned that my body is not some lump walking around on a couple of toothpicks, it is an extremely complex organism of the highest level with millions of processes taking place every day...adding, subtracting, reacting. Dynamic on every level. It is grossly unrealistic to imagine that as complex as this machine is, that ones body weight will never fluctuate in response to changes in diet, environment, stress, hormones, and even increases in activity level.

Not all weight loss is fat loss and not all gains are fat gains. In the long run, fat is the only thing we are truly concerned about.

In my experience, fat gain has always been this slow, insidious creep that slowly comes on and never goes away, never changes. The kind of weight gain I'm dealing with was sudden. In spite of my activity level and better choices (mostly...I was on vacation mind you) I packed on quite a bit. Also it should also be noted that I spent quite a bit of time behind the wheel for long hours and getting irregular sleep.

Within about 72 hrs I dropped 10 pounds by just getting rest, drinking lots of water and lowering my carb intake then the remaining few came off shortly thereafter. Overall, it took about 9 days for my body to normalize and reach some sort of balance. The sodium and constant inactivity/sitting took its toll with major water retention.

Overall results from my trip once I settled back down... my weight is within 3 pounds of my lowest weight and it is common for my weight to swing +- 5 pounds even when things are hitting on all 8 cylinders so overall I would say that I did a great job enjoying myself while balancing it out with better choices and making time to increase my activity level.

Thanks to all of my friends who encouraged me along this trip..10 days on the road was pretty long. Although it was a drag to come back and immediately go to nights, it feels good to get some sense of routine back.
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