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December Challenge

Saturday, December 01, 2012

I decided to challenge myself this month - I've been doing amazingly well with my eating - I have some slip ups, but overall, I am eating like a thousand times better than I was this summer - and because of that, I am seeing the scale gradually go down, and I am feeling better overall. My clothes are also starting to fit a bit better. I still have a ways to go.

I officially cancelled my gym membership today. And along those lines, I said the other day that I want to get into being a work out at home girl. Sooo... my December Challenge = 31 Days of At Home Workouts!!

The Plan:
Everyday, do at least 1 workout at home. It could be a deck of cards workout (which is my go-to when I dont feel like doing anything else, and I always end up sore in a good way afterwards) to a workout dvd that I own to a workout I find on youtube. It could be cardio, strength, yoga, pilates, zumba, etc. The goal is to do SOMETHING - some sort of workout, everyday, at home.

I just ordered 4 new workout dvds that should arrive on Monday - I also have Beachbody's 10 Minute Trainer (I might have used that once ever haha); Turbo Fire; Chalean Extreme; Supreme 90; 30 Day Shred; Jillian Michael's The Biggest Winner 5 dvd set; some pilates dvds. I should certainly have enough to keep me busy! I have found that doing a workout program, like TF, CLX, Supreme 90, etc - gets boring. I end up doing the same things repeatedly, and I get sick of the same dvd trainer everyday. So I plan to switch it up each day - do something different to fight off boredom. As long as I am moving, and burning calories, it's all good!

I foresee two distinct personal challenges during the month of December - and they both involve travelling, of course! I am heading to Alabama from 9 Dec - 13 December. And I'll likely be in a small lodging room (think hotel room but smaller) for that period of time. I will have to really consider the space that I will have when choosing workouts to do, but there really shouldnt be a problem with actually having time to do workouts. The other problem time will be a trip to NJ for about 5 days with J to visit my family. I really slack when I am there. Sometimes I do bring dvds to do, but I rarely do them. And it will be weird potentially doing workout dvds in front of J! But that is no excuse! So I will just have to be super conscious of my challenge. I am hoping by that time I'll be in a groove. So that's my plan!

Since today was the FIRST day of December (seriously, this year has flown by!) I got in a workout at home! And no, I did not run the 5k I had registered to run. I didnt want to tempt the shin pain, and honestly I just wanst feeling it. I want to get back into running so bad, but I feel like I am just forcing myself, and everytime I run, I just dont really want to and it's not in my heart. Besides, I enjoyed spending time with J instead. After he went to work, I put up my Christmas tree! Well, first I went to cancel my gym membership, and then I went to Target to pick up more Christmas decorations - specifically outside lights! I didnt put up any last year, but I really wanted to this year. J said he'd bring a ladder over and hang them up for me :) When I got home and took out my artificial Christmas tree (for it's fourth year of use!), the lights that were on it werent working :( Bummer. I really didnt want to buy a new tree, so I spent about an hour unraveling the lights that were wound pretty tightly all over the tree (it is an artificial tree that came with the lights on it). After that ordeal, I went to the BX to get new lights for the tree. It was clear that I didnt know how many I would need... I bought one box of 100 lights, got home, put them on the tree, and it didnt even cover a third of the tree :( So I had to go back out and buy two more boxes. *sigh* I also put out some santa hats, some red garland, and I bought things to hang my stockings on... Still need to work on the Christmas stockings - that will likely be tomorrow's project!

Anyway, after all of that, I still had to get in a workout (even though fitbit was logging more than the usual activity for me today). I decided on a TF HIIT dvd because I hadnt done one in a while, it's quick, and well HIIT is just good overall. I did HIIT 25 - wow I forgot how much jumping was in that one. My knees were not happy with it, but I got in a 200+ cal burn in 25 minutes, so I definitely cant complain.

I had wanted to go out for italian tonight for dinner, but J's friends invited him to go to see a movie. He, of course, invited me to come even though it was clearly a guy's night out, so I enthusiastically encouraged him to go out for a boy's night, and assured him that I would be fine at home reading a book. I wanted to spend time with him, but its important that he spend time with his friends too. I dont really have any friends, but that doesnt mean he shouldnt go out with his! Besides, I read half of my book club book this evening, and had a chance to just relax in my pjs.

Tomorrow's big plans include:
1) a workout at home!
2) throwing some food in the slowcooker for the week
3) making an additional meal for the week
4) sewing my christmas stockings
5) laundry
6) finishing up the book club book

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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