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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Working for a non-profit isn't always easy...especially when it's time for our annual meeting!

We lined up a FANTASTIC keynote speaker, booked his flight and hotel, AND we had managed to arrange a legislator luncheon, major donor reception, AND an interview on NPR for the day before

Starting off this week, I felt pretty good. We had everything pretty well in hand; the programs were almost ready, registration numbers were great, and our final e-vite was ready to go!!

Then...Wednesday afternoon, our keynote speaker's mother died. It was unexpected, and very tragic! But we couldn't just cancel the forum AND all of the two days before our BIG event of the year, we had to find a new keynote and new speakers for the other three events.


I went to Indy on Thursday, was on the road at 7 AM, and didn't get off work until after 7PM...home a little before nine.

I went to Indy AGAIN on Friday to try to get everything finalized -- we had to redo programs, web content, send emails and updates, etc. -- and even though I told everyone I was going to be on the road and on my way home by 4:30 at the latest, it was after 6 before I left. So...on the road at 7 AGAIN, and didn't get home until almost 8.

To get to the forum in time to set up, I had to be on the road by 5:30 this morning. So instead of running my 10K last night, I pretty much went straight to bed...already emotionally and physically exhausted from the past few days.

I woke up on time (as in, 3:30 AM) and actually felt pretty well-rested. I got ready, fixed my hair, threw on a suit and some makeup...and then couldn't find my keys. I thought, okay, maybe I threw them on the counter and they slid into one of the drawers. Checked all of the drawers and cupboards in my luck!

Then I thought, maybe I took them in my bedroom, tossed them on my dresser, and they slipped off and into one of my drawers. So I checked them keys there either.

Which was when I started to feel a little panicked. I went through all my coat pockets, checked the door and my car, I even looked at the bottoms of the closets and in the trash cans, and checked the litterbox to see if Miss Kitty had dragged them off to play with them. No keys...and now, it's 5:45, and I'm officially running late. Which is when I start hyperventilating.

I wish I was exaggerating, but I SERIOUSLY had my first full-blown panic attack in years!

Turns out, my roommate found them in the door and put them in her purse. I had to wake up her AND her boyfriend to get them, and managed to get on the road only half an hour late. Which, since I was aiming to get there early AND pick up breakfast and coffee on the way, wasn't as bad as it could have been. But I was still not okay, I freaked out thinking I was lost TWICE just trying to get onto I-65. So I pulled into a gas station and grabbed some coffee and a bottle of water, and took several deep breaths with a bag and a few slow sips, and got myself under control before I started driving again.

Better to be a few minutes late than get in an accident!!

I think it was just everything hitting me at once, but still...not a great start to an already stressful day!

The adrenalin faded about the time I hit Indy, so by the time I got to the venue to set up, I was completely drained and shaky, and I had the start of a massive migraine. And I was worried that I would crash HARD during the forum!

I made it through with no problem. Our backup speaker was INCREDIBLE, and I managed to stay not only awake but very alert and energetic through the whole event. Turnout was incredible, we had more than 300 people (GREAT for an environmental non-profit in Indiana!) and I knew almost every single person there, so I ended up talking for a full hour after the last panel was done. We tore everything down...and my co-workers car wouldn't start. I gave her a jump, and then it was after 5 PM and I was just getting back on the road for the almost two hour drive home.

I stopped off on the way home to get a bottle of wine and some food, and now I'm happily curled up on my couch with a glass of cabernet, a burrito, and Miss Kitty....watching Scrubs....and wondering how many episodes I can make it through before I officially crash.

Deep breath. Horrible, stressful, exhausting week....possibly the worst day of my life...but it's over. Cooking is my de-stressing activity, and I have lots of veggies and several recipes planned. Will spend tomorrow relaxing in the kitchen after a long run, and I'm off on Monday and will really enjoy the extra ME time!!

I've never been THIS glad to see the end of a Saturday!
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