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SPLAT! & WK 4 Checkup BONUS: December Goals!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

I seriously cannot believe that it is SERIOUSLY December 1st today! Where did the month go? Where did the YEAR go?? Weird...

Anyhow, November is officially finito and unfortunately I did not end it on a high note. On Thursday I had planned to complete one of my goals listed here for November which was to complete a 10M run. AND I also wanted to complete yet another goal of mine which was to actually run a new route as well.

It started off well enough. My right ankle has been swollen for some time now, I think that it is an old sprain that keeps getting agitated due to my continuous running efforts. Anyhow, I have been wearing an ankle wrap this week to see if I could give it a bit of support. I know, I know...I *should* probably rest my ankle or RICE like most sane people or better yet since it has been so bothersome *perhaps* I should GASP - call a freakin' doctor!? Oh but no - why do things the right way...Anyhow, even though I knew that my ankle wasn't feeling 100% I decided that since Thursday was November 29th which meant that I had officially procrastinated to the last possibly minute but not quite so much as to risk failure by getting it done the day BEFORE the end of the month. I do have an excuse for this though, Thanksgiving, definitely cramped my style with traveling and food and whatnot, I really did not want to over extend myself the week of the holiday out of pure laziness perhaps but also because I am rather realistic and even getting in 1 hr workouts with my extended family while out of town is tough work, I'm talking sneaking out of the house before anyone gets out of bed to use my Planet Fitness membership by myself in another state tough. Okay - so I rest my case ;)

Sooooooo, the night before Thursday I looked at the weather and knew that it would be bitterly cold, like 30 degrees with wind cold. No problem! I brought out the winter UnderArmour gear, ear warmers, got my fuel belt ready, my healthy carby granola bar, my gatorade, my I-POD and Garmin all set, charged and ready to go. Come 4:45AM on Thursday, I was up and at 'em! Okay - more like draggin' but definitely up nonetheless!

As soon as I stepped out the door, I was wishing for my bed. It was the kind of cold that went right through you but I was not deterred. I circled around my block making my way to the main road to run on the sidewalk. As I took a left and the pavement slanted on the right, I definitely felt my right ankle. Didn't feel so hot but not to worry, I was sure it had to do with the cold and would most certainly loosen up. So I am trotting along fairly distracted by the annoyance of my ankle when before I knew it my right ankle kinda dragged, tripped over NOTHING I am talking not a branch, a twig, a crease in the pavement, NADA. I fell on my face, luckily my hands blocked my fall right onto the pavement HARD! I have come to the conclusion that when we were kids, falling wasn't so bad, I have plenty of scars on my knees from a childhood that I remember quite fondly in which I would fall and get right back up and start playing. As an adult, it hurts bad! I went SPLAT, seriously! I don't even know what happened next thing I know I am on the ground. Luckily both palms which were now bloody caught my fall hit the sidewalk then both knees. OWWWW is what it felt like but that's not what I said, I actually used a rather colorful word beginning with an F ;). The wind was knocked right out of me and although I knew that my knees were now scraped and bruised the first thought that came to my mind was d@mn it's cold out here and so is the ground!

Then another thought came, as I fought to pick myself off the ground, shaking...I am sure from shock and cold I noticed that there were cars whizzing by the road. I thought, geesh - I hope no one I know saw me take this massive dump on the sidewalk, I was a bit embarrassed. HOWEVER, when I rose to my feet I then got p!ssed! Surely someone had seen me fall on my d@mn face, why didn't anyone stop to see if I was okay!! Then I became enraged! I looked at my Garmin and saw that I had only completed a HALF of a mile out of the 10 that I was supposed to do! My body hurt and I knew d@mn well that that 10M was not getting done this day. AND what p!ssed me off even more, to NO end is that I actually got my sorry but out of bed early all to have this happen within the first mile! URGH! AND I would like to pretend like things like this NEVER happen to me, but that is a lie, I always fall and once a year since I've started running I always have one fall in which I eat pavement pretty hard...just URGH!

So I went home, whined to DH and went back to bed to at least sleep a bit before work. Friday came around, I was entirely too sore to complete any kind of exercise so I felt it better to rest. Today though I cranked out 10M although it is December 1st on my treadmill - because even though I learned a lesson the hard way today was snowing and with my ankle I felt it would be safer that way. YES, I plan on seeing a doctor about the stinkin' ankle too.

So with the explanation out of the way, here are my November results!

#1. Complete 2 races of any distances this month - DONE

#2. Go to a museum on my birthday - DONE

#3. Dictate what I want to do on my birthday so I will not be disappointed with DH's hair brained schemes - DONE

#4. Thanksgiving craft - DONE

#5. Start Christmas shopping THIS month - DONE

#6. Write weekly blogs about goal progress - DONE

#7. Find at least two new running routes - 1/2 DONE

#8. Go see some type of show, comedy, play etc - DONE

#9. Get mileage back up to at least 10M by month end - URGH - almost 9M, 10M 12/1

#10. Track fitness on Spark for the month - NOPE, blew it during Thanksgiving week even though I did remain consistent with exercise

Now for December goals. These are always hard because this is a really tough time of the year for me like I am sure it is for many others as well. STRESS. Gets to me big time! I find it hard to really enjoy the Christmas season and look past the chaos. Also, I realize that quite frankly December is typically about survival. No one really tries to move mountains during this month although that certainly does not mean a free for all which is why I still make goals, I just want them to be reasonable, that's all!

#1. Sign up for 10M race, just do it for the sake of doing it, no real expectations. This is the race that I do every December for the last 2 years. I love doing it because the course is ultra challenging but this year I can honestly say that I am not sure if I am so confident that I will slaughter previous times...but I will do my best!

#2. Christmas shop every week, even if it is online - which I have learned that I prefer way better!

#3. Buy a new book about running, training my mind is important especially during the winter time which is definitely when I do not necessarily feel so motivated.

#4. Go see 2 Christmas displays with family

#5. Make a Christmas craft

#6. 1 day per week go to the gym JUST for strength training NO CARDIO whatsoever for at least 30MINS possibly more but that would be a good start

#7. Update blog weekly including nutrition results for week, such as x amt of days clean eating/7 days per week, that way I am at least focused on better choices

#8. Modify MY Sunday dinner into a healthier choice. My fam love meat and carbs and bread of all kinds, me I don't need it and I need to stick with a better diet. Who knows, maybe they'll jump on board with it too if I start it.

That's about it, nothing crazy just something to keep me going.

Let's make December great Sparkpeople!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You fall just once a year??? My friend, I have eaten pavement so hard twice this year... once, hard enough to dislocate my shoulder!!!! And the cuts on my palm and elbow are just healing now from a fall I had a month ago!!! Consider yourself lucky!!!


    Glad you didn't try to push is after that fall! And it sounds like you got your 10 miles in anyway, who cares if it was December 1.

    Sounds like you have a good month planned!
    1903 days ago
  • MRS.NG.06
    GodDaaaaaaang girl....time to wear thin gloves now? Ouch. Getting that rough pavement in the grooves of your hand stings! Been there done sorry you had to live it. I would have used the same four letter F word and I don't mean FREE ; ) I just want you to know when I see people as awesome as you are in underArmour, ear warmers and jackets in 30 degree weather running outside, I am 100% inspired to get out and work hard because people like yourself are out there working harder. I hope nothing is serious with the careful. Keep up the hard work and dont let it ever discourage are an awesome and powerful motivator role model to me : ) Here's to December and loving ourselves and loving our families around these holidays! .......and if its any consolation..I totally would have stopped to make sure you were okay *hugs*
    1904 days ago
    Glad you are going to see a dr. Please make sure you tell him about every fall and when it started. Can you balance on that injured will tell you lots.
    1904 days ago
    Yikes!! Sorry to read about your fall! I am always so embarrassed when I fall too!!
    1904 days ago
    F is right!! Ouch, that sounds painful. I'm also in the one fall a year camp. It sucks, but it happens. And you're super strong for pounding out 10 miles on a treadmill. Wow!
    Happy December!
    1906 days ago
  • BUTTERFLY-1976
    I can't believe it's December also!! This year flew by.

    That sucks that you wiped out & nobody stopped to see if you were ok. Good for you for braving it & getting out there again today & running your 10. On positive got your Splat of the year over with early in the winter season...You should be good for the rest of the season :). You should however go & get your ankle checked out!!

    1906 days ago
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