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Friday, November 30, 2012

Got this in my E-mail and wanted to share these tips.

The holiday season is the perfect time to indulge in fun, festive activities that boost your mood and inspire stronger relationships with family and friends. These seven activities are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and help to get you into the holiday spirit.

1. Wish strangers a happy holiday:
When someone holds a door open for you or serves you at a store, wish them a happy holiday. Festive cheer is infectious, and you can brighten someone’s day with this simple and thoughtful greeting.

2. Enjoy crafts:
If there are younger members of your family, making decorations provides a wonderful opportunity to get into the holiday spirit. For example, you can make dough from flour, salt and water, and you can use a cookie cutter to make ornaments that look like stars (and other cute shapes). Once these are baked, they can be painted in bright colors and hung up around your home. Don’t forget that it can be extremely fun and rewarding to make gifts for loved ones as well.

3. Organize a movie night:
There are lots of classic holiday movies, and a marathon movie night can help you get into a festive frame of mind. Get a group of fun people together, allow each person to nominate a favorite holiday movie from their youth, and then spend the evening relaxing in a candlelit living room. Don’t forget to accompany the movies with candy canes, mulled wine, and other classic holiday treats!

4. Get together to play board games:
Playing board games is a fantastic way to avoid the cold winter weather and enjoy the warm comfort of your home. Most people have nostalgic memories of indulging in this activity during childhood, and iconic games like Pictionary and Monopoly promote fun competition between friends and family members.

5. Go shopping together:
Stores can be stressful places to visit if you are in a rush, but shopping can actually get you into the holiday spirit if you do it right. Go with people you love, and take the time to enjoy all the traditional music and colorful lights that are on display . Once you have finished shopping, stop for a comforting hot chocolate to help you warm up.

6. Give something to those less fortunate:
The holiday season is about generosity and compassion, so why not spend extra time offering companionship to the elderly or donate unwanted items to a charity store? Giving joy to others will help you to feel joyful too.

7. Decorate as a family:
If you like to make your home festive during the winter, don’t do it alone! Instead, organize a time when everyone in your home is free, put on some holiday music, and enjoy fun conversation as you decorate your main rooms. Many people do not really feel like the holidays have arrived until all the seasonal decorations are on display, so this is a perfect way to get everyone into the mood for the holidays.
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