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Friday, November 30, 2012

Met my mate Snazzydesigner (SD) for a walk on Hampstead Heath this afternoon.

Owing to the fact I forgot my camera cos I was in a hurry to meet her cos I had been to the gym because I wanted to wash my hair because I wanted her to take some pix of me on my camera which defeated the whole object - oh for heaven's sake KEEP UP! - I only have one photo which she took for me on her iPhone.

She's not called Snazzydesigner for nothing you see. She's got a posh iPhone.

Anyway, we meet, we set off slowly, much gossiping to be done. A cold day in London, about 5C which is er er 41F in other words not so far over freezing that you notice any diffo. SD points out to me that there is ice in them there puddles and my new boots take it upon themselves to go and crack the ice. I love the sound of it. I suggest walking the most direct way to the cafe at Kenwood House, since we didn't meet till 1.15pm and I'm ravenous. This feels like a good idea. Snazzydesigner suggests we might get lost and I say no we won't because I now know the way. She was navigating last time, and we did get lost, but I'm not blaming anyone.

So we get to the bit that was dead muddy last week and it is still dead muddy so SD has to go round a bit but I've got my boots on so I trample across it and observe to SD at the other side that it is not as wet as it might have been owing to being semifreddo. She takes a photo of the freddo bits.

We get to the wooded bit just in front of Kenwood House and there are loads of birds making a racket and I ask SD if they are magpies and she says no they are parakeets.


I've heard of these, there is a flock in sarf London that are considered a nuisance, but I've never seen them. We hang around looking and sure enough there they are, looking green and gorgeous. Owing to lack of camera, I have to send you to a link

So I have smelled my nosebag by now, 2pm and I have been to the gym and walked a couple of miles on one bowl of porridge so I could eat anything, just about. Menu du jour is salmon which falls into my personal category of 'eat only if there's absolutely nothing else available', a nut tart for veggies and pork sausages with sprouts, roast potatoes and beetroot chutney.

That's my baby.

Collect sausages etc and a large piece of carrot cake leaps on to a plate and sends it spinning to my tray, James Bond-style.

Well, what can you do?

Eat sausages etc, drink much water, and ask SD how many calories she thinks were in my lunch. She suggests 700, which is exactly what I thought myself. Split the cake between us.

May I say right now, je ne regrette rien. It was a lovely lunch and we both earned it.

Make our way back the way we came stopping briefly to see more parakeets in a different place this time. How have I missed them before? I think they stay high up and one bird making a squawking sound is much like another to me. SD vetoes going the long way round and this turns out to be wise as it's practically dark by the time we are back at the station.

PS: There is no photo of me. It turned out to be a photo of a troll, not me. SD has taken it away and is going to photoshop it into something I can put on Linked In.
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