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Fall 5% Challenge Final Update & Pictures - I ALMOST made it with 4.5% gone!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Friday Sparkers!! I posted some Old 250 Pics vs Recent Pics at the bottom!

Unfortunately, I did not reach my 5% goal - but I think I did a spectacular job regardless of what the scale says! I lost 7.8lbs (4.5%) in 8 weeks! I don't think I would have lost that month without this challenge. I didn't have any french fries for 10 weeks - Not even one bite! I completed a 5K in 38:22 after being sick & having no training those weeks! My Thanksgiving was great & I was able to share a low-fat dessert with my family. Even though I gained two pounds over this past weekend - I worked really hard this week and they are gone already. I am actually back to 163.2 on the scale!!

Fall 5% Challenge Commitment Updates:
Complete - I will post my weigh-ins every week. (probably on Fridays)
Complete - I will track my exercise to help out myself and my team!
Complete- I will stay on track with my calories/fat/etc the best I can.
Mostly Complete - I will post more frequently on the forum to help my team!
Complete - I will NOT eat any french fries - for EIGHT WEEKS
Complete - I will exercise at least 10 minutes five days a week.
Mostly Complete - I will exercise at least 30 minutes three days a week.
Mostly Complete- I will go to bed on nights when I feel tired/ready. I won't stay up late just because.
Complete - I will do the best I can with the changing weekly challenges!
Complete - I will not get discouraged if I do not meet the 5% loss in 8 weeks

In some ways, I am glad I didn't make the 5%. I can't always get what I want in life. I need to keep pushing forward to get what I want! Once I do reach my healthy goal weight, that doesn't mean I can just stop Sparking and start eating junk food again. I need to continue making different goals every month so I don't get bored or too content and give up. I can't give up on myself!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me & believed I would reach the 5% goal. Hopefully I didn't let anyone down. Even though the scale doesn't show it, I still feel so proud of myself. I have my goals ready for December, March 1st as my "deadline" for my healthy weight, and also a whole bunch of other tasks I want to accomplish. The best part is - I KNOW I will get there! Every single day is important to reach harder & higher! Weigh-in days aren't the end of the world for me! I can always look forward to tomorrow as long as I give it my all. Sometimes I know I could do better - but I still try to be smart with most of my choices!

Should I stuff my face with french fries tomorrow as a reward? Some of you would say - No, don't do it, it will ruin the rest of your day! Others would say - Go ahead, you deserve it! We all have our own choices & decisions to make. This website gives us a lot of wonderful advice, but we all need to decide what is best. Creating my own, personalized program seems to be the best for me. I honestly don't know what I will do until I am there tomorrow with them in front of me! I probably will have a handful, eat them soooo slowly, and my tummy will get upset while still eating them hahaha. But hey, it will be worth it to me =)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Here are a few pictures of some things I did randomly that made me happy. I saw "my cats" for the first time in months. They grew up with me. When I moved, I gave them to a friend of mine! I also put some pictures of me at 250lbs and also from the start of the challenge and also from last week!

250 Pounds... I feel a little sick to my stomach just seeing myself being so big. I was so unhealthy =(

Start of the Challenge -171 lbs

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