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Last Day of November

Friday, November 30, 2012

What have you accomplished this November? Did you meet your goals? If you did emoticon .
I didn't really set any goals or even try anything. I was too out of sorts. It's been a real stressful month.
But there were NonScale Victories (NSV) and I'm happy with those. Those nice sweaters I got that were an XL. That was great. I've started back with the Leslie Sansone Walk At Home videos again last night. I made it through 18 minutes total of the workout - I skipped part of the stretches. I'm back to my walking again. That had been a major struggle but now my dog's happy that I even jogged a little bit with her yesterday. That made me feel good. I've noticed a difference in the way my clothes are fitting again. They're getting looser in different spots. I seriously need to do my measurements but I always forget. One day I'll get around to it to actually see if I've lost any inches. My clothes say "yes" so I'm happy with that.
Have you made your December goals yet? If so emoticon
I'm working on figuring out December. It's going to be a hard month being it's the holidays and I am going to continue my baking traditions. I have neighbors I made "goodie" plates for as well as other family members. I'm trying to make their favorites to include in the plates this year. The good thing about making these is I don't snack as much because I'm giving it all away and want to make sure I have enough for all the plates. For Christmas I'm splurging and making two favorites - red velvet cake and pecan pie. I have the calorie counts already figured out so I know how to fit them in to my diet. I'll just have to eat smarter. And say no to big pieces and seconds (or thirds). So I'm going to try to stay under 210 pounds. Ideally, I'd like to be 202 or less but I seriously don't see that happening right now. So I'm planning on amping up the exercise routine finally - I got all out of routine when I was gone in September for a month, then in October I was so depressed over not being at the ocean with friends, then November just got worse.
Anyway, it's back to Leslie Sansone's walk at home videos again and getting back to strength training and whatever else I can figure out. I'm still having problems with my shoulder/collarbone area. That area has been a pain in the butt since the first time I dislocated my collarbone years ago. Then this last time (Nov 2010) really did me in. Of course, I didn't follow doctors orders so it's my fault for having all this trouble. Now I'm paying for it, so it's just going to be a challenge.
My ankle is still giving me fits too. Not all the time, just every now and then I'll step down and it'll let me know "you shouldn't have done that". Being a klutz I'm used to having ankle/foot injuries. I'm always falling over something. I make my son nervous walking down the street backwards these days with my dog. Tonight though he had me walking through the house with my eyes closed - I made it through the living room without falling or walking into anything.
I am trying to continually challenge my mind too. I have to get my brain working. So I keep changing up things to challenge myself. I'm going to read more, play more scrabble. I have a couple apps on my cell phone that are word games that I play alot too. I think come January I'll start journaling again too. Too many ideas to write down.
So what are your goals for 2013? Have any in mind? My big one is to get to 175 pounds, that's only 33 pounds from now. Once I get there, I'll only be 30 pounds from my goal - which will be in the healthy weight range. It's easier to look at 33 than 63 pounds in one whack. When I get to 145 that will be a major major accomplishment because I started out at 278. Every pound I lose now is thrilling because I did not think I could do it but I have and I will continue on to my goal weight.
If you're reading this and just starting your journey - check out my page. I want you to know whether you're a newbie or someone who's on the discouraged side, don't give up. Don't make unrealistic goals for yourself. Set yourself up for success. Make those mini-goals. Make one change at a time. Small changes will pay off. That's how I've done it so far. Yes, I've been on a long journey but I want to make sure this time is the final time I have to lose weight. I want to get to my goal weight and be able to stay there. Maybe even lose a few more pounds - I don't know yet we'll just have to wait and see.
You can do it. emoticon emoticon emoticon We're all in this together. I know you can do it! I know I can do it! All we have to do is try and make those small changes in our lives. This isn't a diet - I don't like that word. I'm altering my lifestyle to make myself healthier and be more active and enjoy life more. It's been an exciting ride. I've done things I never dreamed I would do when I started this journey. What's next? Who knows what I'll dream up to do but I know it will be fun.
Walking outside with my dog is great stress relief. Not only do I get exercise, I get my daily Vitamin D, I get to be out in Nature enjoying all of God's creation. It's a great time to meditate on everything. My time to talk with God about my life and whatever else crosses my mind. The outdoors is where I want to be.
What do you want to do? Where do you want to be? Any ideas on how you'll get there? Think about it and then do it!
Just do it....
Sending you love and hugs,
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    Sounds like you are doing every thing right. Keep up the good work and hope your ankle feels all better soon
    1872 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1873 days ago
  • KIMPY225
    Thank you for the update! Sorry about your ankle - but you are still doing an awesome job! keep up the great work!
    1873 days ago
    NSV are the best! New sweaters just in time for
    the winter months will brighten the mood. I
    do the same with cookies-bake lots to give away.
    Plus I bake cookies that I have no desire to eat.
    Keep doing the best you can and make your dream
    a reality. HUGS!
    1874 days ago
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