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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Today is day 274 of my on track streak!

Yesterday I was feeling a bit overwhelmed about things... worried that I wasn't making progress fast enough, and fearful that people would think I wasn't trying hard enough. I was really stressing about the scale....and I don't even own one, lol. I have a Wii Fit, and I can weigh myself with that if I want to....but I DON'T want to. I haven't weighed myself since September 3rd and I don't have any plans to weigh myself again this year.

I'm glad I posted a blog about my feelings yesterday, because it really helped me to get things off my chest. I was feeling so insecure and stressed, but as always my wonderful Sparkfriends were there for me. Thank you to everyone who commented on my blog. I appreciate your support, encouragement and wisdom.

My Sparkfriends reminded me of WHY I started my streak. It wasn't really about losing weight. It was about gaining health! And you know what? I am a success in that! My health has improved so much since I started my streak. Yes, I've lost weight. I'm not going to say that losing 71 lbs isn't important or that it doesn't matter to me. I am thrilled that I've lost that much weight!

But I'm even more thrilled by how much healthier I am, and by the many non-scale victories I've had. Since starting my streak, so much has changed in my life! I no longer have high blood pressure. I have only had GERD once since March. I am strong, I am flexible, and I have endurance. I rarely have plantar fascia pain anymore. My heart doesn't pound when I walk across the room. My knees don't ache when I go up and down the porch stairs. (I can actually SKIP up the stairs now!) My stomach doesn't touch the steering wheel anymore.

When I wake up in the morning, I don't have that awful feeling of disgust and regret over how much I ate the day before. I wake up with enthusiasm for the day, because I know that every day is another chance to push myself closer to my goal. Some days are only baby steps. Some days are giant leaps! (And to be honest, some days are barely a crawl.) But every day is a new chance to make progress, and every little bit of progress adds up.

So in the end, who cares what the Wii Fit might reveal when I finally do weigh in? Whether I've lost ten pounds or twenty pounds...or even less...I have made progress and I am proud of myself for it. And I am so grateful to all my Spark friends who have supported and encouraged me along the way. You guys rock!

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