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My NSV=Non Scale Victory

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I am getting healthier every day. I am able to exercise for long periods of time without getting winded. I am able to walk longer with out even thinking about it. I sleep better at night and don't feel like taking little naps during the day. My blood sugar is normal and I don't have to take pills any more. One other pill I am off is for blood pressure, that is no longer high.

These little NSV are because I am taking better care of myself. I am eating healthier foods like tons of fruit and vegetable. I am eating less sugary foods. I think before I eat any thing. I try to eat foods that are lower in calorie and higher in volume. In stead of eating two or three candy bars a day I eat fruits that are in season or canned in juice.

I am eating less red meat and more fish and chicken. I have tried recipes for making chicken lower calorie and taster. I find the recipes here in Sparkrecipes. There are loads of tasty ways to make chicken, my favorite is oven fried chicken. I have even made up my owen recipes for lower calorie foods. I am having fun with it.

I am exercising all most every day in some form or an other. I find exercise where ever I can. And because I am losing weight it is becoming easier to do. When I first started out I was breathless after climbing one flight of stars. Now I think nothing of running up five flights.

I have gone from a size 20 jeans to a size 10. When I hold up my pants I find it hard to believe I fix in this small size. I have always worn jeans bigger then anyone in my family now I wear a size smaller then my mom use to wear. And I am not done yet. I am on a journey to get healthier and I am having fun doing it.

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