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Re~Living my Road Trip One Stop at a Time! (Part 1 of Part 2)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

OK, well, there will not be as many pics this time, but I had fun still!

Let's see, I ended with bedtime at Jann's in the last blog and I slept sooo good! I was surprised, but I had not been sleeping that well at home being so excited about the trip, so I guess I had wore myself out enough to sleep finally!! Plus, she had that memory foam on the bed and even Bekah said she slept well! :)

I woke up and started getting up about the time Jann was coming to wake me up, lol! She had set out breakfast and made coffee and showed me where everything was. She felt bad cause she had to leave before I left, not that she didn't trust me in her house or anything, but because she just wanted to be there, lol! We gave 2-3 goodbye hugs before she took off, she expressed her wish that she were going with me on this adventure of mine, but she was so happy for me! :)

She left for work and I sat and ate breakfast, drank my coffee, called my aunt and told her about what time we planned to be at her house and she told me I did not have to rush or anything, this was MY vacation after all! Well, not much longer, Bekah woke up and hopped in the shower first, she was excited to see her Aunt Ni and then she started rushing me, haha! We left somewhere around 9ish, because we got to my aunts a little after noon? My aunt was worried my gps would not work or take me way out of the way, so she told me to call and she would give me directions when I got off my exit towards Butler... I called, but my GPS followed her directions as well, it did not scramble or anything which some people have issues with as far out as she lives.

Anyway, we arrive with no problems except Bekah said I stopped to pee too much! :) This is the view from the driveway where i was parked:
GORGEOUS, huh? I actually took that photo before I left. Anyway, we get there and pull in, get out and i grab my purse and camera to take in with me and the dogs start barking and we are headed down the hill and see my Aunt Ni come out to meet us and we can't see them yet, but we can HEAR her two little grandaughters 3 & 4, cheering like we were celebrities or something! So, you can imagine the welcome we got, the dogs barking, 2 little girls smiling, cheering and jumping up and down and my aunt coming out to meet us, we felt special, haha! We head on in the house and talk to Nadia and Reese a little bit and Reese had never met us, but she "remembered" us, Nadia HAD met us and thought that we were supposed to have a little kid... Not sure if she was talking about Jonah or if she had us confused with someone else, but it's very possible she remembered, she is a smart little girl! They are both adorable, but Reese is my cousin Stephanie's little girl and I was immediately struck by how much she looks like her mom and even her voice has that little rasp her mom's did when we were little!! I loved it, but it made me miss Steph! We were always close growing up and we still love each other, but life and distance makes things a bit harder, but, that is ok. It is what it is for now...

Anyway, we went in to this delicious smell and Aunt Ni was heating up chili for us assuming we would be hungry... and we were! It was delicious, but very filling and neither of us could eat out whole bowls. :) She already had supper/dinner in the crockpot, chicken with herbs and it smelled delish!

You know what we did? We visited... ALL DAY!!! We talked and enjoyed one anothers company and just caught up! Our phones did not have service there, so I called John on my aunt's phone, told him I was fine and checked in on FB and told everyone I was safe but had no phone service! Every now and then Bekah and I checked FB, but we basically just gabbed with my aunt all day! We DID take time to check in with the girls, because since we weren't REALLY celebrities, they lost interest pretty quick, lol! here are some pics I took of them playing and my aunt playing with them a little bit!

Nadia on left, Reese on right.


My aunt...

Grandma with her girls!


We spent the day sitting at her bar by the kitchen, chatting and having fun... laughing etc... and here is a pic of Bekah checking FB, she is not amused that I am taking her pic!

Here is a picture of Nadia and Reese eating their dinner... Grandma Ni, makes it all fancy and puts it in cool dishes with umbrella toothpicks, etc... they love it!

Eventually, we bring in our suitcases and go upstairs to our rooms and this is the room I was privileged to get because it stays colder and Bekah likes to be warm and I am usually hot. Here are some pics of it froma few different angles, my aunt has it decorated up sooo neat!

And OMGOODNESS, the bed was soooo comfy! :)

That night, after my uncle got home, we had dinner. It was that crockpot chicken with herb roasted potatoes and a salad! YUM!!! Very tasty and very filling and pretty healthy too! :)

The girls were downstairs playing and my aunt went to check on them, I heard her say Oh no, so i went down to check it out and this is what I saw!

Aren't they ADORABLE in their make-up?? LOL!

I have some video's too and will try to upload them from when they were trying out to be in "Johnny the Mustache's" show, haha!

Anyway, we all were tried pretty early, so went on to bed and guess what I found by my bedside??? A cup of ice water with a straw and a little debbie brownie and a note say sleep well, I love you! Plus, my bed was already turned down and everything, wasn't that the sweetest? I felt so spoiled!!!

Oh yeah, i gave Aunt Ni her scarf set and fuzzy socks too and she was sooo happy with them, lol and said, "I was gonna give YOU a box of herbs and some of my home grown stuff, etc... but maybe I shuld go buy something?" I was like, NO WAY!!! Your herbs and canning make what I got you look like nothing, haha! i want the herbs and the best part about it??? She delivered it to my house while i was gone when she brought my daughter home! I used the herb medley on my turkey for Thanksgiving and boy was it yummy!

I will try to upload the videos of Nadia and Reese in the next blog...

Anyway, thanks for reading and next stop??? Susie's!!! :)
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