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Walking holiday about to begin.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Todays weather said "rain" which is fine because it wouldn't affect the helicopter from flying, apparently it only doesn't fly if there are gale force winds or thick mist.
Imagine my delight when I woke and there wasn't even any rain. emoticon That meant my son would DEFINITELY be arriving today.
I missed being able to photograph his going to the rig on day 1 due to an induction course he had to attend first for an hour, and I wasn't allowed to remain in the security area for that long.
This meant I was reaaaally hoping to photograph his arrival and the clear skies were perfect for me.
This was my first sighting of the noisy giant dragon fly arriving. My kids on there somewhere??

I'm normally so "strong" and "emotionally intact" but I truly felt all weepy seeing that helicopter arriving and knowing that after this experience my baby would be a baby no more (lol not that he has been that for many many years...its just me)
The chopper entering the security gate.

The wheel clamps get put on but no one may disembark till the rotor blades come to a complete stop.

Finally they started filing out. My kids never rush to get off a plane, so I wasn't expecting Cole to be off first....and he wasn't.

From where I stood, I couldn't even see Cole because they disembarked from the other side of the helicopter, but when I spotted his guitar case under the helicopters belly.....I knew he was on his way. (The person you can see is not Cole, Cole is on the other side of the helicopter)

They all had to first go and sign out before they could leave the security area.

At last FREEDOM for two weeks.

Looking back for one final goodbye to the pilot, Cole showed me this little dog. He is the sniffer dog used for sniffing out drugs. All the staff leaving now for the rig, have to pass the sniff test.

So that is it. My child is back safe and sound with such stories to tell. The first thing he kept repeating was TREES, GREEN TREES lol. Its been blue skies and blue seas all around him for two weeks. We went off to the coffee shop so I could hear all about it. In his emails to me he had mentioned that the men particularly all have pot bellies out there because there is so much food available. So imagine my surprise to see Cole even thinner than before he left 2 weeks ago. But it was no magic. His day begins at 5.30am with an hour of running on the treadmill. That gives him half an hr to get showered and present himself for breakfast. There are several choices for breakfast including the standard bacon and egg etc. He chooses to eat all bran flakes with yogurt every morning. Lunch he eats meat and salads and the same for dinner. Then instead of choosing 1 of the 8 desserts on offer, he settles for fruit. NO WONDER he lost weight. On top of that, his work environment is 8 levels. During the course of his day, he has to walk up and down several times a day. Yikes, what awesome exercise. You'd fair well there Asta.
Also in his off time in the evenings, instead of sitting around the TV as most men do, he found a partner to play table tennis with. So each evening he has more physical activity. He has always been a pretty active person so I'm glad he found someone willing to be active with him. This guy, Dirk and Cole both don't want to put on any weight while they work out there.

After hearing all his incredible stories, I got to tell him my tale of woe regarding losing my holiday money. He kindly gave me some money to enjoy at least a short holiday. So....my holiday will now be :
Leaving home every day after breakfast with a packed lunch and going to a new spot that will mean tons of walking and photographing. What we will do is stop somewhere in the evenings and enjoy coffee/tea/glass of wine and watch the sun set before coming home.
We will sleep in our own beds and take a new road out of town each day. I cant wait. It may be the kick start I need to get back on the program fully.
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