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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

MARTY728‘s Scottish friend tries to get me to eat Scottish food. I told him the Scottish are a proud people that never turn down a challenge, so Scottish kilts and food must be the results of stupid dares

ARCHIMEDESII: Well, if Scottish food isn't to your liking, how about the whiskey ? they do make really good whiskey. eh-hem. ;) : 4 hours ago
SAMBIDEXTROUS: But I *like* a man in a kilt.....
ITSALWAYSABTME: ummm many women do enjoy seeing a man in a Kilt. I even liked seeing (not in a oh they are hot, but wow impressive) the Old Scottish Group in Annapolis on First Night Out. (the New Years Eve Celebration)
ITSALWAYSABTME: but ummm I am a small part Scottish, mostly Irish, and I will NEVER try Haggis, had a guy @ the Celtic Festival in Calvert County about 10 yrs ago lambast me for holding that stance
AKELAZ: Haggis and whisky sauce are actually a treat you shouldn't miss. You might pass on the kilt though!!
POOKIE-: My fiancée is wearing his family tartan, in a kilt, when we get married

I posted the attempted explanation on my SP Friend’s POOKIE’s SP Page:

“I am sure he will look great in it! Remember that the purpose of my comments to my Scottish friend is to tease him. One time I wanted to bet him that if we put out 10 examples of Scottish cuisine and 10 examples of Italian cuisine anywhere other than a Scottish or Italian location, the Italian cuisine would be gone first. I was willing to double the bet if he would allow me to pick the Scottish food and he could pick the Italian food. He claimed that Americans are biased against Scottish food and are overflowing with Italian restaurants. I explained to him that this is because Scottish food is not very good and Italian food tastes great. If Scottish food were good, there would be Scottish restaurants all over the USA.

NOTE: I am not serious and just having fun. When my Scottish friend and I enter into this discussions, it is usually with a beverage of choice in-hand and always in the spirit of fun and one upping each other.

The only thing I know for sure is that there will be a handsome groom and beautiful bride at your wedding.“

If you have not visited POOKIE’s SP Page, you should do so. POOKIE is an inspiration to me and many others. POOKIE has gotten me to try many foods I had never tasted and some I had never heard of. None however were Scottish (to my knowledge). Here is her SP Page:
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    Maybe it's the whiskey that makes the Scott so loyal to the food.....
    1881 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Once when my DH was in England for several weeks for work,; he and some co-workers went to Scotland for a weekend( hubby has some Scotish blood in his family). Anyway, they went to this Scotish celebration of some long ago writer; and had some food to eat---he wouldn't touch the haggus. He wasn't impressed about the rest of the food either. I have to agree that Italian food would certainly win a food contest.
    1881 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I do not think I have ever eaten Scottish food. H'mmmm...maybe I should try it.
    1881 days ago
  • BOVEY63
    Coming from an Italian family, I would have to agree with you!
    1881 days ago
    Oops! Hope I haven't offended Pookie - or her fiance - with my kilt remark. Only part of the fun,
    Actually my DIL is Scottish and very attached to both kilts and haggis - AND whisky come to that (no 'e' in Scottish whisky - only in Irish whiskey BTW - but I'm such a pedant LOL) She also has a number of Scottish friends of Italian descent (quite a lot of Italians settled in Scotland at one point) so there is good ice cream and good Italian food in Scotland. Completely take your point about the US not being overrun by Scottish restaurants! England isn't either as it happens although there are Italian restaurants all over the place!

    1881 days ago
    I have no idea about scottish but I'm not crazy about italian food emoticon . except gelato of course emoticon . well ,I hate pasta , pizza , seafood, rizotto. I admit I'm making often tiramisu but only because it's easy to do and no baking emoticon . which is your favorite italian food? maybe I find something I like too
    1881 days ago
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