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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I just want to say i have read some awesome blogs today ! Today we are going to senior citizens for lunch and a birthday party ! I'm gonna get a lb of hamburger so i can make some spegetti this week end and have a salad with it. For lunch we always eat healthy at senior citzens! About 3 oz meat veggie fruit milk ect so i'm gonna have vegetable soup tonight , I am trying to make some healthy changes in my diet and i think a cup of 2% milk is going to be added daily because i don't drink any milk . Also want to add a banana aday because they are really good for you to ! I eat 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce and 1/2 cup of 2% cottage cheese every day ! I'm thinking about buying a popcorn popper instead of eating the microwave type they say the oil is really bad for you ! I want to thank everyone that is on the team GOD ANSWERS PRAYER AND OTHERS HERE THAT HAS HELD ME UP IN PRAYER . IT KEEPS ME GOING ! I DON'T NEVER THINK ABOUT GIVING UP THAT'S NOT AN OPTION FOR ME UNLESS I WANT TO DIE YOUNG AND I LOVE LIFE LOVE LIVING. I tried to cross stitch last night but couldn't see good enough to do it i think it's because i dylate my eyes 3 times aday and put steroids in them. I can see alittle in the left eye now and i go to the R.A. doctor the 12 th . Praying my vision will keep improving . Never know when another attack on the eyes will take all the vision but I BELIEVE AND TRUST THE LORD I WANT HIS WILL NOT MINE BE DONE ! HE KNOWS WHATS AHEAD IN MY LIFE AND I GIVE HIM MY LIFE TO CONTROL ! Have a great day got to go ! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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