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Hum...crazy, crazy

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So I have been eating perfectly clean and healthy and basically the same exact thing I always do when wanting to shed some cushion pounds. I am extra motivated as I am in the charity fashion show on Friday. I go to try things on today. Here's the crazy.....I was excited yesterday when the scale told me I was 108...that's 2 under my 110 goal. Today for some reason after a perfect eating day yesterday I am at 109.5 so a gain of 1.5. That is why my friends, we can't count on that scale to tell us the truth. Yep, that puppy lies sometimes. That is why we can't let it be the judge of our day and how it goes. It is only allowed to remind me of my mission and nothing more. Just gives me more determination to eat right again today. Perhaps it's the stress of all the festivals down here(no having been eating anything or drinking) with the late night and very early crack of dawn cohetes(fireworks). The last ones go off around midnight and then the first ones wake you around 5:30. And we are not talking little bangs, but because our casa is up on the mountain with the village below the bang is right outside our terrace. And let me tell you that they set them off for a long time and many at one time. You wake up thinking you are in a war. Just cracks me up. I don't get that the Mexicans don't understand the need to sleep. It's for sure there is no 8 hours of peace and quiet between set offs of these things. Oh well, it is a tradition for them and I am sure it's important to them....but it seems like a waist of money for the church to spend on them and not the poor. Yep, a tad of sore grapes here. Oh well, at least after I go get my fittings for the fashion show I can nap. Such is retired life in Mexico.
Cheers everyone. Make it a great day.
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    The dratted scale. I wish we didn't need it.
    I have a similar one as from one day to the
    next, it fluctuates the kilos. However, one of
    my co-workers told me that she has noticed
    that I am losing a lot of wight. That says and
    means more to me than any scale reading.
    You are doing just fine. Enjoy the fashion show. emoticon
    1761 days ago
    Thank goodness Sally they do not blast the fireworks every day!!!! I agree they could use the money for the needy people, the same goes for other countries that have cows & think they are sacred & people are going hungry ,but they will not eat the meat of a cow, no where in the Lord's Word does it say starve because a cow is sacred,that is mans own false word not God's.
    That is great you will model again, hope you will be able to post from the show. Take care
    1762 days ago
    On the positive side of all that noise:
    should you feel inspired
    to hoist your scale out the window,
    no one would find the crashing at all disruptive!
    I like silence, so I'd opt for some ear plugs if there!
    Ah, but your weather is worth the hassle.
    Enjoy the fashion show; it's so nice you do that!
    1762 days ago
    I would really like to enjoy the local celebrations.
    1762 days ago
    I'm sure you'll be the belle of the fashion show, Sallie!! Congrats on being below goal. Good, good, good for you. And you are so right. Those fluctuations-for-no-reason can drive you nuts if you let them. Don't. You know the clean way you are eating will show up on the scale in the long run. Hang in there!!
    1762 days ago
    1762 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    One thing I emphasize is never allow yourself to stress out over two pound fluctuations! I went through that when I started maintaining! Now I don't give it a second thought as I know I'm an athlete now. I''m also I know I'll destroy any weight variance off my goal/normal weight in training! I'm with you on the other signs as well, Sallie!
    1762 days ago
    hhmmmm... sounds like a good week to head down to the beach (if DH hadn't just gotten back).
    1762 days ago
  • IRP1114
    Sorry to hear you had a bad night sleep. I kind of did too... One sleep walker and another one with a cough. Always something with kids! Have you considered using a white noise machine next to your bed? Even having a fan running near by might be helpful on nights like this.
    1762 days ago
    I bet you thought the fireworks were charming the first year you lived there! LOL

    You have a good attitude about the scale; it's just information, that's all. Maybe something as minor as a bit of extra salt or an extra glass of water in the middle of the night.

    Also, about the cookie exchange, great way to handle it. I don't have baking ingredients in my house either and the last time I had to make cookies for work it cost me $20 for the stuff! After that I would just buy $5 worth of cookies at the bakery and call it good. Less work and temptation!
    1762 days ago
  • LIS193
    My scale must be related to yours :( I swear it is atmospherics LOL It can't be my eating as it was the same as most other days - some days I lose and other days I gain on the same food and water intake - go figure...
    1762 days ago
    Sounds like you are having a "blast"! LOL emoticon
    1762 days ago
    I know, that scale is either friend or foe from one day to the next! Today I was pleased with a slight drop, but I still have a ways to go before I get back to maintenance weight. I'm a very slow loser.
    1762 days ago
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