Almost back on track... and early plans for December...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

As my last Blog mentioned November was mostly a wash and its less than a month till Christmas and family stuff at which I want to wow a few people so here's the plan...

Nutrition... I tracked my food for a day or two and made sure I was still pretty much on track with what my normal choices would be but I did fall in a bit of a binging hole the past 2 days... for whatever reason I've been STARVING so I've been eating and snacking a ton! I also had some not so good for me yummy's in the house and am trying to get them cleared out (like feeding my pizza roll stash to the hubby LOL) Now I have to make the grocery list for tomorrow so I can restock the house with healthier foods again. I also employed my son to make sure I ate my breakfast (a meal I tend to skip until later in the day) so for the past 3 days he's done exactly that... breakfast burritos each morning! I also have quit my creamer habit instead adding a packet of splenda to my cup!

Fitness... I've rearranged my schedule a bit to make sure gym time is more of a priority and have made it Monday and Tuesday with no hiccups (other than wishing I had more time to spend there!) and I have a plan for going later this afternoon, tomorrow and Friday... probably can't make the weekend this week but Monday - Friday should be doable everyday. My plan is to get in 30 minutes of cardio every day, a strength training circuit Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Yoga on Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday and Sunday will be a free for all as I never know what those days will bring LOL!

Beauty... I've been a good girl and have been making sure to use a stronger moisturizer on my face & neck which were starting to seem drier, thinner and wrinklier than ever before lately. I started using a teeth brightening toothpaste that seems pretty wonderful as I'm seeing results in just a couple days. I've looked up several facial treatments and hair moisturizing treatments to do over the next few weeks and just need to schedule a hair cut, possible color and eyebrow wax!

I should address work and home in my goals and plans here but today it just feels like a loosing battle and I'd rather focus on the things I can control than try to tackle that whole mess today...
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