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50 Foods That Are Healthier Than You Think: #22 - Full-Fat Salad Dressing

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

From pasta and cheese to mayo and beer, ivillage.com asked nutrition experts to share what some may consider as unhealthy foods that may actually be better for the body than we realize. Read on for the good news from www.ivillage.com/foods-a

Full-Fat Salad Dressing

You may be trying to shave off a few calories from your salad by topping it with fat-free dressing, but that may actually be reducing its nutritional value. "Without full fat dressing you won't benefit from all those veggies," says Sass. "A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at the absorption of antioxidants in identical salads tossed with either fat free, low fat or full fat dressing. Blood samples, collected for up to 12 hours from the salad eaters revealed that the fat-free dressing resulted in virtually no absorption of carotenoids. The reduced-fat dressing raised the levels, but not as much as the full fat version." Do your body a favor and top those leaves with some healthy fat to maximize the nutrients in your salad bowl and minimize your waistline. Sass recommends making your own at home to control what goes into it and avoid the artificial ingredients and added sodium and sugar that most bottled dressings contain. Try a simple mix of equal parts olive oil and your choice vinegar sprinkled with herbs like basil and oregano, or try adding roasted garlic, fresh lemon juice and citrus zest to make your own signature line of homemade dressings.

'If you want to utilise more from your fruits and vegetables, you havae to pair them correctly with fat-based dressings." ~ Mario Feruzzi, Associate Professor of Food Science at Purdue University

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