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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I am sad right now. A couple of my grandchildren have chosen to unfriend me on Facebook simply because I voiced my beliefs that homosexuality is wrong and unnatural. I also refuted their belief that people are just born that way and cannot help it. I told them I do not believe that anyone is born to be "gay". I assume they don't want to feel guilty about it because they have chosen that path.

I do however believe each of us have weakness of the flesh that when acted upon can become a habit that will at the least will cause unpleasant consequences and can at most destroy us, if we don't overcome it. Some will overcome through faith in themselves but despite the advantage the world can give us by believing in ourselves alone, it is our faith in Jesus Christ that can give us the best advantage.

My weakness just happens to be eating sugar and refined foods, that in the past I have turned to in excess, trying to find love, peace and joy. I stumble and fall every now and then but I resolve to stumble no more. I have suffered for my excess and not keeping my appetite within the bounds the Lord has set for me.

The better I come to know the Lord and have "fellowship with His sufferings", the more I am realizing that love, peace and joy will never be found apart from Him. My grandchildren will just have to come to that understanding on their own. It just makes me sad to see them learn the hard way, which of course they don't realize they are doing, but I know we all have to experience what doesn't work before we can really appreciate what does.

Oh how I love and appreciate Jesus, His love, mercy, compassion, understanding, long suffering and forgiveness of my sins and weaknesses. It is indeed my faith in Him that gives me the strength to keep trying to overcome the flesh. I know my faith is growing, because of Him and His infinite longsuffering and mercy. I am so grateful that by His grace I am saved. Even after all I can do, which believe me I have tried very hard with my own will, it will never be enough without His grace and mercy.

Earlier I was feeling so sad and sorry not only for my grandchildren but myself. I am over that now even as I write, for I DO have faith in Christ that He knows what He is doing by allowing all the bad things that happen, (or so we call them bad), because He uses them for His purposes. Even as Joseph was sold into Egypt and His brothers meant it for harm, God meant it for good. And God is in control, even when it doesn't look that way.

Love you all, Thank you for allowing me to "vent".

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  • SAL1512
    God must be crying when he realizes what His children are doing. They are choosing not to follow his Word that homosexuality is a sin. Right now we have a government that is teaching that it is okay. It is also teaching that Chrisitans are in the way of change. Christians are interferring with the civil rights of homosexuals to do whatever they want and the rights of women to terminate their unborn. The government has been on a spending binge since they moved our Social Security money into the General Fund. It is now borrowing money from China to pay for all this "free" stuff. It really has no way to ever repay this debt. To make us happy during these increasingly bad times, it is in the process of making marriage between two humans of the same sex legal. It is in the process of taking our tax money to pay for "free" contraceptives and abortions. In Colorado, it is legalizing marijuana. There are many more things in the works that they are going to allow us to do. I really never thought that this could happen in my life time.
    We are all sinful. All sins are equal in God's eyes because they all make us imperfect. We must stay true to the teachings that God gave us in the Bible. We must follow God's Plans for us, not man's plans. That is really what is going to make us happy.
    Sally emoticon
    Pray, continually pray . . .
    1905 days ago
  • LINDA!
    1906 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    My heart goes out to you!
    1907 days ago
    1907 days ago
    1908 days ago
  • D-ABBY
    1908 days ago
    When the fifteen year old voiced her opinion on Facebook, that she believed it is inborn, I did not even have an inkling that she and her sister were "gay" when I wrote my opinion. I tried hard to let them know how much I loved them as I have in the past.

    I felt it my obligation to tell her my beliefs . Is it wrong to tell them when I believe a given act is right or wrong and why? I do believe we are to speak the truth in love, even as Christ counseled.

    Perhaps my opinion was not right to be given unless asked for. Yet Christ called the Pharisees, hypocrites and told them many things they did not want to hear and eventually crucified Him because they hated the truth.

    I don't presume to think I am better than anyone else. Comparing an eating disorder to homosexuality does seem a little ridiculous I am sure. But if you understand where I am coming from it might be easier to see why the comparison. The scriptures condemn gluttony, excess and homosexuality alike, as sin, and my belief is that sin is sin, no matter the degree or the reason. Having seen my own sin in that I turned to gluttony and made my belly my God and now desiring not to turn to anything for true peace, love, and comfort except Jesus, I guess I do sort of get on a soap box, that turning to the things of this world instead of God is kin to idolatry or serving a false God. Perhaps now you can see why I compare my eating disorder to any sin.

    I am aware I cannot change anyone by condemning them. My intentions were pure, to speak the truth in love, when I gave my granddaughter my opinion. It may not have seemed such since I disagreed with her. Jesus did not condemn the adulterous woman but told her to go and sin no more. Then he left it up to her to choose. That is how I want to be, love the sinner and hate the sin. I am aware that many cannot differentiate between the two. If I hounded them about their choices then that may appear I have conditional love for them. I accept them as they are right now and love them regardless and trust God with their lives.
    1908 days ago
    I'm going to try to say this as gently as possible. I know you are feeling raw, but please hear me to the end. You say that you voiced your opinion that "being gay is unnatural and wrong"...and you "assume they say they are born that way because they don't want to feel guilty about the path they have chosen."

    Dear kind of slapped your grandchildren in the face. You told them they were unnatural. They were wrong. They just don't want to feel guilty. You are assuming knowledge instead of talking to them. Imagine how that must hurt? Comparing homosexuality to an eating problem is also very harsh. They are very different things. I know you have your opinion, and I'm not trying to stifle it. But what if they came to you and said, "Grandma you are unnatural and wrong because you like sugar. You just don't want to feel guilty about it, so you call it an eating problem, and eat what you want until you are sick. You're unnatural and wrong." It hurts. It hurts to hear, because it's not true.

    I know you believe that people are not born homosexual and you probably don't want to hear this, but many ARE born that way- some have chosen that path for various reasons- but a large majority are born that way. I have a very very close friend. His family has been members of the church from the beginning. He was raised in it. But also from the very beginning, he was different. He always expressed an attraction to boys, from the time he knew what they were, always boys, never girls. His family was distressed, they took him to doctors, they prayed, they added him to the temple's prayer role, they sent him to special camps. His whole life he was told he was bad, unnatural, wrong, sick, disgusting because he was born differently. He never once acted upon his feelings because they were contrary to what he was taught growing up. But, he never dated girls either because he felt nothing for them. In high school his family volunteered him for a study about homosexuals. It reviewed and mapped out his brain when shown certain images and given certain stimuli. They way his brain reacted- which was being recorded using scans, blood testing and types of imaging- was different then the way a heterosexual male's brain reacted to the same things. They repeated these tests with multiple people- both straight and homosexual and found that biologically a homosexual's brain is wired differently than a straight mans. There were also specific genes involved, areas of the brain were different sizes, hormones were secreted and processed differently, and I could go on etc. Scientific evidence proves that people can be born homosexual. If you'd like me to link the studies, I can.

    Now my friend had irrefutable proof that he was born gay. That he was born different. It was a relief for him. However it was not for everyone else. The comments continued, even knowing what they knew about him being this way from birth- they continued saying that being gay was wrong, a sin, that he would go to hell- all for being born differently. Of course this took it's toll on him. He has so many emotional issues even still. He's been suicidal, I mean, why not if everyone says you're going to hell anyway? It is so hard to be a homosexual. So very hard, especially in the church. People look down on you, they say terrible things, they assume that your lifestyle is bad. I saw what it did to him. So I can only imagine what it must be like for your grandchildren to have heard it coming from you. Their grandmother. Someone they love, respect, and admire. How hard that must be to hear. And I am sure they unfriended you to save themselves from being wounded more, not out of spite for you. I don't think you're a malicious person, I don't think you mean to hurt them. I do think that sometimes people say insensitive things without realizing the potential damage it can do. Telling them that being gay is something they are choosing to learn the hard way is...hurtful. Being who you are is not something to overcome. Maybe the lesson here is for other people to learn acceptance of people who are born differently in this aspect. Because, if they had been born with any other difference, say, a clubbed foot, you would not being calling them unnatural or wrong.

    I'm not trying to be on a soap box. I've thought long and hard about saying anything, because I don't want anyone to think I am berating you or trying to make you feel bad. That is not my intent. My intent is to try to impart understanding, to let you know that although you think the way you do, it is flawed by misinformation (on the science part at least). I love you very much and I do hope that fences between you and your grandkids can be mended.
    1908 days ago
    Hi Charlene,
    We all have weaknesses and because we are bonded with God, we can face these little trials. I know how hard it is with your Grandchildren and sad it makes you. Our Pastor preached one Sunday a message that IT'S NONE OF OUR BUSINESS WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK ABOUT US. You know that your Grandchildren will see thing much differently when they get older. Meanwhile, I will keep them and you in prayer. Many blessings,
    Joan emoticon emoticon
    1908 days ago
    glad you have a place to vent ....
    1908 days ago
    That is no way for them to act to you bc you voice your opinion we all have are right to feel the way we do I feel that homosexuality is wrong and no one is born that way. But there are those that want an excuse to do as they please. Just keep your faith and God will deal with those who have none. God Bless you and your family. Good luck on your journey
    1908 days ago
    This is the place to vent. You are so strong to put your faith in Christ above all else. I will pray for you and your family.
    1908 days ago
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