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Victory is Mine

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Artists: Jacques-Louis David (1748–1825) and Georges Rouget (1783–1869)
Title: French: Sacre de l'empereur Napoléon Ier et couronnement de l'impératrice Joséphine dans la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, le 2 décembre 1804
Coronation of Emperor Napoleon I and Coronation of the Empress Josephine in Notre-Dame de Paris, December 2, 1804
Date between 1805 and 1807
Current location: Musée de Louvre, Paris,, Room 75 (Denon Wing, 1st floor)

I was invited to a family wedding and getting dressed was like a carnival:

My 3 best pairs of wool or wool blend trousers are far too big and will have to go to the charity shop. They were all waiting for me in my closet, freshly dry cleaned. I am not sad to see them go. Maybe if I needed them for work, but since I’m retired I can stick with the “shrinking” Eileen Fisher slacks I bought for my son’s wedding last summer. These pants are an amazing garment as they have so much lycra in them they both hug me and look smart. I don’t wear them often so the lycra stays fresh and snappy.

But what shoes to wear? I pulled out some shoes I have not worn in a couple years and when I saw them, I had to ask why? I have to admit that I had gotten so fat that my feet were getting wider and wider. They seem to be a little narrower now. And they are narrow enough to wear these beautiful shoes! And (drum roll please) these shoes have a stacked heel. I’m not kidding! I haven’t been able to wear any sort of a heel since at least 20 lbs ago (probably about 3 years). It is not a high heel, it is about an inch and it is a wide stack, but I felt like a million dollars.

I also wore my leather coat I bought in Florence in 2008 – and promptly gained too much weight to wear it the next year. It fits me even better than when I bought it and it looks great.

Can I keep going with tracking my food, exercising, etc? If this isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is. Also, the food at the wedding was abysmal, but I didn’t eat it mindlessly because it was put in front of me. I prepared for this by eating before I left for the party, knowing the last time this bride got married the wedding started 2 hours late. It’s family. And I left the party before I got too hungry and feasted at home on already prepared roast chicken, brown rice and a salad.

I made an exception to my shoes off in the house rule and wore my shoes during dinner so I could admire them and they could inspire me. Believe me, I was truly satisfied.

I chose this painting of Napoleon’s coronation because in it he has seized his crown and is about to crown himself. That’s how I felt wearing my shoes. Like I had achieved something -- not waiting for it to be "bestowed" on me, but was seizing this victory with my own two hands.
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