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20 things to work on for the year ahead

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I looked at a blog 1 yr from tomorrow and found a list of 20 things to live by. My list has changed a bit but here goes:

1) Get a walk in each and every day with the dogs. Even if it's 10 minutes, get up and go! You both need it.
2) Drink your 8 cups of water, no matter what studies say that it's bull. It makes you feel fuller and eat better for the day.
3) Only depend on yourself for exercise. No one but u are gonna gain the weight back if you rely on others to meet you.
4) Find the best in small things. Work with what you got in every situation.
5) Try to bike to work at least 1 day a week. No matter how cold it is.
6) Drink more tea before bed.
7) Try to be more patient, life goes too fast to always be in a hurry.
8) Don't eat 1/3rd of your calories at dinner, leave some room for a snack.
9) Start knitting again at night.
10) Eat chocolate when I want it, but that is not every night and I must leave room for it. Plus it should be good chocolate. 4 dollar candy bar is worth it if its not full of addictive fake sugars.
11) Take a 3 month break from my gym once a yr. Gives a good reboot. Plus time to exercise outside.
12) Spend more time in the kitchen cooking.
13) Eat out once a week and that is it. (that was from last yr)
14) Keep my fruit and veggie drawers full in the fridge (also from last yr)
15) Track every morsel, When you cheat. You are only cheating yourself. (also from last yr, helps a lot)
16) Keep running!
17) Keep doing a deep clean on the house every other week.
18) Try harder with MIL, she's trying hard with u.
19) Stop being jealous of hs friends having babies. Your time will come.
20) Be yourself and the rest will follow.
21) BONUS-Pick up your camera every day JULIE! It's not that tough!

Not as much food related. But I feel like I am living in my own head lately. The break from the gym helped a lot. I was worried about it but you know its a nice refresh. I am taking the advice I got on here. I am going back to water aerobics. I like my friends class, maybe I don't like her as a friend as much. I just wont mention lifting with her. I might try doing lifting classes instead. I can't just come home at 5 pm and stay home all night. It's not good for me. I like my gym, I will make new friends there. Lifting with my coworker really hasn't worked. She seems to get sick every other week and wont lift when she's sick. Scott wont lift with me, he just likes running and that's it. Sooooo lol Live and learn and don't stay at 10 dollar gyms.


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