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Why I still need to lose weight

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yesterday I mentioned the reasons I had for losing weight that I've already accomplished during the past year. But I forgot one! "I will not be embarrassed to have my picture taken." This was a biggie -- TC LOVES to take pictures and I've always been very resistant because I hated how I looked. Going through vacation pictures was AGONY and I could never enjoy them because my fat self was always in them. So for years he got in the habit of taking my picture BEHIND me. I have a thousand pictures spanning 8-10 years that are all taken from behind. One time he told me, "When you die it will be like you were never in my life because I hardly have any pictures of you." How sad is that?

So on to the reasons for losing weight that are new, or are still valid:

emoticon I will be able to hike the Appalachian Trail and Inca Trail with ease. (Since we've already paid considerable deposits on both of these trips for next year, I definitely want to be able to do them AND enjoy them!)

emoticon I will be at a healthy BMI and will make my doctor proud. I will develop healthy habits before I have "no choice." (My doctor is incredibly active and has been a tireless cheerleader in my weight loss & fitness pursuits.)

emoticon I will be in control and will feel proud of how that makes me feel. (This is a biggie for me. Even maintaining the 30 pound weight loss of this year, I don't feel I've been totally in control of it. I feel like I lurch from one extreme to another. I definitely want and need to develop consistency.)

emoticon I will stop self-sabotaging. I will end the weight loss rat race once and for all. My life will be more in balance. (A varation of the reason above.)

emoticon I will be proud of how I look and what I am physically able to do. (I am proud now but I know I can improve and be prouder!)

emoticon I will be more self-accepting and less self-critical.

emoticon I will feel sexier and be the hot wife my husband wants and deserves. I will give my loving life partner the gift of the BEST ME.

emoticon I will be proud of how I look when we visit relatives in January and May. I will not be ashamed of how I've let my self go.

emoticon I will enjoy shopping, having clothes fit, and looking good in them.

On a side note to that last reason, we are going BATHING SUIT SHOPPING for me today! emoticon This is a nightmare of epic proportions for me....but we are leaving on a cruise in 12 days and when I tried on my old bathing suit it practically fell off! My boobs literally dropped past the shelf bra! emoticon

I'm going to motivate myself today, ALL DAY, to stick to what's really important to me. How about you?

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