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Fast forward button anybody?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ah, just as Iíve set my goals from short-term all the way to long-term and even ultimate goals, I wonder, whereís my fast forward button?

The nice thing about SparkPeople is that it has kept me focused long after I normally would have given up and Iím seeing the rewards. But, and there is a but, human nature does kick in.

I love raiding my closet for smaller clothes and such, and Iím having loads of fun doing it, but I wonder how long will it take to reach my ultimate goals?

Patience isnít my strong suit I guess. Thatís one thing that SparkPeople has been teaching me, the art of patience and the fruitfulness of consistent action towards oneís goals.

I guess thatís why short-term goals are so very important. It will give me something to focus on in the immediate.


So far, one of my goals was to walk at least 2,500 steps a day.

It turns out itís not that difficult.

Yesterday I managed to meet my goal for the first time since Iíve been wearing my pedometer and today Iím closing in on it and refuse to go to sleep tonight until Iíve met my goal.

I think that some days it depends on how busy I am and what kind of thing I am busy at as to whether or not it will be easy to meet my goal.

As a part of stage 1, I plan on taking at least 2,500 steps every day for a month before I review my performance and consider upping the level some and just how Iíll get that done.


Frankly, Iíve got some work to do to get this done on a consistent basis. I tend to do this so last minute that sometimes I find myself copping out and running to the nearest Subway.

Yes, I admit it, the Subway sub I photographed the other day was caused by my inability to be prepared.

I know exactly what I can order to fit the needs of my nutrition tracker, but I realize I could do a favor for myself by not only learning to cook better, but by being prepared in advance.

That way I will find it less tempting to fall into old habits. Thatís where my old habits started in the first place. I was always on the run grabbing something from the drive-thru, just because thatís all I felt I had time for.

Thatís obviously not going to work for me anymore and I know it. Change is hard though sometimes, not because itís hard for me to give up drive-thru foods, but because the convenience is hard to beat.

Obviously I love that Subway offers an alternative to me during a time of transition, which is frankly a total change in habits. But Iíd rather think of a Subway sub more as a treat than a crutch. So I am going to work on that.

I think as I get more comfortable on my feet, cooking batches of food will seem like less of a chore.


Me at probably about that weight.

I remember when I first hit 332 pounds, and the funny thing is, I was doing then what I am trying to do now and thatís simply trying to lose weight.

I would track my food on a spreadsheet then and I walked about a mile every day. Iíd also track my weight on that same spreadsheet. It was a pretty cumbersome spreadsheet.

It worked though, I lost 32 pounds and well, unfortunately at that point I gained it all back because I didnít keep on doing what I was doing after I moved. At least now I know that Iím not going to stop, and lest I think that might be tempting, Iíll remember the 382 pounds I had gotten up to and think twice.

The nice thing about this goal of getting down to 332 pounds is that itís not so far off. I think that I can reach it by the end of March at least if not sooner, maybe even by a whole month, but I donít want to expect too much and be disappointed, so Iíve set my time frame a little on the liberal side.

Anyway, itíll be great starting the warm season so much lighter. I think Iíll be able to fit some outings into my days and enjoy them too. Iím already making plans. If I do it right, I can keep my calendar pretty busy and that in itself might help spur even more weight loss!


Well, my last blood work was fasting, and now the doctor wants non-fasting blood work, so I donít know if it will make a drop in these numbers apparent or not. However, Iím hoping that my progress here on SparkPeople will show no matter what.

Iím sure that the doctor will be pleased with the drop in the number on the scale, and thatís a start for sure.

Iíve been eating well and eating cinnamon pretty regularly to help control my blood sugar. Iíve also started taking Chromium GTF.

So Iím hoping itís all a ďone-two punchĒ and Iím done with this whole early-stage diabetes crapola that I could seriously do without.

In any case, no matter how it goes, my appointment is fast approaching. Itís just a little less than two weeks away. Iíll have to get the blood work done just a few days before then, so Iím watching the calendar and hoping I can make some headway before that day arrives.

I want my doctor to be shocked by all the good work Iíve been doing. Sometimes I think heís ready to throw in the towel on me because Iíve been wanting to lose weight for so long and he knows it. Hence the strong suggestions that I get weight-loss surgery. Iím not doing it though. If I can turn this around without it, then thatís the way to go.

For those whoíve had it done, I know itís a hard decision to make and a hard road to travel once itís been made. Iíve done my research. Iíve spent some significant time reading up on it and recently went to a pre-surgery required seminar just to make my doctor happy. Itís just not a road for me. I know that if I canít change my habits now, surgery wouldnít do a bit of good for me anyway. So I might as well just change my habits and do with out the snip-snip to my tummy.

However, when itís all said and done, I might just let my doctor carry away my extra skin in a wheelbarrow. (Okay, I sure thatís not how itís done.) Anyway, the point is that he can snip-snip that away and I wonít mind. I donít think Iíll feel too attached to having a set of bat-wings popping out of my sleeves and having other such floppy matter to worry about, because Iíll probably have a lot of it.

Anyway, to that I say a premature ďbye-bye bat wings!Ē
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • WILLOW49
    Take one day at a time, the small steps forward will soon add up to BIG steps! You're on the right track!
    emoticon emoticon
    1428 days ago
    emoticon You have the right attitude! Keep on putting one foot in front of the other and those steps will add up to change.
    1428 days ago
    You're a beautiful person inside and out. And I believe you're stronger and can accomplish much more than you realize. You have a good plan and are on the right track. Keep working your plan. It's the daily discipline that will put you over in the long run. Keep up the good work.
    1429 days ago
  • J0ETTE
    You are amazing! You have done the research for the surgery. I think you made a wise choice in not doing it! :) you can reach your goals. You have lots of sparklers here cheering you on. We are all on a similar journey. Some just starting out, some much further down the road... But we all have struggled with making choices, change and the thought of giving up. You will get there! Stay focused and lean on your spark teams, buddies and all the awesomeness that is in SparkPeople
    1429 days ago
    You are sounding revved & SPARKED!

    I, sadly, am a failed survivor of weight loss wasn't the answer for me. Getting serious about my food choices and activities: That's the ticket!

    FYI, don't know if your work setting would allow, but we have a communal fridge and I always stockpile my fresh freggies there: broccoli florets, baby carrots, baby spinach and red bell peppers, apples are typical...sometimes cauliflower. Slice, dice some cheese along with that and I'm good for the day!

    1429 days ago
    One word: Zumba. If you can believe the adds, those women didn't need a wheelbarrow. Seems worth a look. It would be interesting to find one of those women and hold their feet to the fire to see if it's true.
    1429 days ago
  • KITT52
    one thing that stuck in my mind was when my DR, told me as many people who have weight loss surgery gain the weight back as those who loose the weight on there own.....spark people showed me that was that s why I did it on my own....

    find a plan that works for you and stick with day at a time....will you slip up, yep we all do but never ever give up....this is your good to your deserve to be healthy and happy.....

    Have a healthy Tuesday
    1429 days ago
    You are wise to avoid weightloss surgery. It almost always comes with awful complications. I have a friend who recently had it and she is really struggling.
    And I just want to say that you have GORGEOUS blue eyes! What an amazing color!
    1429 days ago
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