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My Husband IS my Strength!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Many of you may know of the struggles I faced a few weeks ago when I believed my husband and I were not on the same page in the ways of physical health and fitness. Since that time, he has shown me just how dedicated he is. He has been the one suggesting we go for walks, even when I felt like my feet were going to explode from pain. He's encouraged me to eat at home when everything in me said, "just go grab some fast food." He really has been my strength during all of these life transitions. Because of him, and lots of prayer and personal willpower, we have done the following things together so far this year:
January: I quit my stress causing job. emoticon
February: We both quit smoking. emoticon
March: We planted a garden and made our yard glamorous. emoticon
April: We cleaned out old junk and had a big garage sale. emoticon
May: We started using sparkpeople. emoticon
June: Exercise became a much bigger role in our lives. emoticon
July: We climbed a mountain. emoticon
August: We started drinking green drinks. emoticon
September: We did an overhaul in our personal financial budgeting. emoticon
October: We started using the sparkpeople meal plans. emoticon
November: I successfully came off all prescription pills other than migraine pain relief. emoticon

In an effort to improve this life of ours, my sweetheart wanted to encourage me this morning and wrote me a sweet email. He does sweet things like that. emoticon I wanted to share part of what he said right here in this blog and I hope it brings you some pearl of wisdom as it did for me. He said:

"I view it like this: Either we can build a future, or wander into a future. We are going to get there either way, but by building it we will be able to stand on top and look at all of the great sites that come our way. If we just wander into it, we will have nothing to stand on and anything that comes at us will cover us up with worry because we could not see it and get ready for it. Let us build a future to be prepared for as much as we can so we can therefore enjoy the bumps that the devil throws in our way as things to keep life interesting, instead of letting the small things overcome us."

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