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Ok – so now I KNOW I am weird – but I have the figures, and pictures to prove I am getting healthier

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I am writing this blog in the hopes it will help others in my position – maybe give them hope – where I came close to losing mine– weird I may be but I am certain I am not the only one experiencing this effect.

Those of you who have been following my progress (and I thank you for your encouragement) will know that I have lost a lot of weight to date – but that the weight loss has stopped recently despite the fact I still have 25 – 30 kg (55lb – 66lb) to go– though I am still getting stronger and fitter and more flexible among many other things. I started this journey in 2002 –looking like

I didn’t exercise until 2009 when I joined Sparkpeople – looking like

Even though I had lost 35kg (77lb)

Then I started exercise and things changed so I thought I might list most of the things that have changed for me during my journey so far:
- Thighs rub less
- Shoes are more comfortable
- Have moved down many clothes sizes
- Snore less (if you can hear yourself snore – LOL!!)
- Sleep better
- Have more energy
- Have more stamina
- More Flexibility
- Easier to breath
- Not as puffed
- That odd irritating dry cough and throat tickle has gone
- Legs, hips, ankles and knees ache less (only if I do too much)
- Everyday walking is easier
- Can prepare and cook a whole meal without sitting down
- Feel more confident in myself, and my body – and thus mix more with others.
- Developed an interest in how I look, dressing more carefully, wearing makeup etc
- Can wear normal sized necklaces that didn’t go near fitting before
- Dressing each day – instead of slopping about in nightclothes all day
- Can sit on chairs with ease
- Can get out of bed without rolling
- No longer need an extension strap when flying
- Can fit in a single economy airline seat, instead of having to get 2 seats (and that saves a heap of money) however I still find having 2 economy seats is more comfortable for long haul flights – one seat doesn’t give one any too much room!!
- Can slip rings on and off fingers easily
- Have taken watch strap in a couple of holes
- Can wear necklaces and even a choker ribbon – instead of having a triple chin
- Feel good about what I am doing – (about my weight loss, efforts, the future and life in general)
- No more high blood pressure
- Diabetes (type 2) has “disappeared” – off all meds (remember that it can reoccur – you need monitoring all your life!!) A1C - 5
- Can buy normal size clothes off the rack
- Can wipe backside
- Can do shoes up
- Can bend over and touch toes
- Can wrap towel round waist and tuck ends together
- Going swimming at a public pool
- Skin looks clear and eyes bright and radiate good health
- More patience with people, more willing to look for ways to solve problems
- Tolerating heat and humidity better
- Balance has improved substantially
- Capable of carrying and manoeuvring heavier, bulky things
- Stomach problems and indigestion have gone
- Bladder and bowels working “normally”
- Self-confidence is so high now
- I can feel firm muscle where there was soft floppy fat – particularly in my thighs
- Can get in and out of small, low cars – no struggling

Though these make my life more wonderful and easier they all pale into insignificance when I realise that:

1 – before I lost the weight – I was using a scooter – I took a trip by train – had to have a person with me and book my scooter and use it almost completely on town I had 2 seats by myself and help when visiting the loo!! Also 2 people helping me on and off the train!! And we had to stay overnight because I wasn’t strong enough to do the 5 hr each way trip in the day.

A year ago I went to Town by train – I was alone- I took a bus to the station then walked to the train and had a single seat, and did the return trip in the day – but more than that – I WAS ON MY FEET!!
Yes- I never even use a walking cane now!! I can go out shopping ALONE – I can go anywhere – alone – I have regained a lot of my independence!!
This to me is ALL IMPORTANT!!

And I had an examination at the hospital as they were getting ready to do knee replacements, (my knees are bone on bone, severe osteoarthritis and collapsed inward causing me to lose 2” in height – I had been listed as urgent!!) and the surgeon examined me –examined my knees –and asked what I had been doing – my answer – exercise – his answer – “I really don’t think that at this point I can improve you by doing surgery!!”

I know I can never get rid of the damage but I am almost pain free and I can walk short distances –like round a shopping centre and recently I walked over 1 mile!! I am doing this by strengthening my leg muscles – and it HAS to be consistent – and I use machines to do this at Curves – it’s a looooooog hard process but its proving possible!! How long it will last is anyone’s guess – whether I will eventually need surgery –but the combo of weight loss and exercise is working for now and that’s all I ask!!

Well – for the last few months I have been thinking that something weird is happening (I am sure you know those niggling feelings)– I have been moving more doing more – holding my own against the computer at Curves and swimming, my calories are within target and I am very careful about the food I eat, and drink heaps of water.
But my weight has RISEN!!
Last week I had a diabetic review – my A1C was down to 5 (it has been holding at 5.2 for at least 2 years now – no meds but its now dropped again to 5)
My cholesterol was 4.4 and my blood pressure – 120/60
Yet according to the Doctors scales – I had gained 10kg (22lb)
I contacted my dietician – he said “Wow, what a challenge you've got to deal with. The weight is a complex scenario isn't it. I agree weight gain through muscle mass is likely.
rather than using my machine (BIA), anthropometric measures (tape measure and fat callipers) are more consistent and well able to tell what the body is doing. I would suggest you
use the measurements to assess what is going on. don't trust Doctors scales, they rarely get them checked. i had one Doctor whose scales where 8kg from actual weights that I know of.”

I went to Curves today – and we had a very careful body measurement session – results from last month to this month showed 12cm lost but 0.9kg gain
This was taken today – after a 35min Curves Circuit against the computer workout and a 30 min Zumba session – I was tired!!

So we checked back – and over the time I have been going to Curves
I have lost 33.11cm,(13.0354331 inches)
my body fat % has dropped by 13.1%,
the weight of body fat I have lost is 12.94kg (28.46lb)-
Yet I have GAINED 3.9kg (8.5lb) total weight.

I gather this is fairly unusual – I can happen but normally not until a person is close to their ideal weight – which I am not – but we hope that one day my weight will actually decide to drop and the fat left to disappear!!

However it does show that – provided a person works hard (and I have been doing 2 days 75min and 1 day 35 min at Curves (strength as well as aerobic) 30 min a day swimming or chair exercise, and min 3000 steps a day if not more) it is possible to increase muscle and presumably change the fat to muscle even at my age (67) and that at least some of my previous strength, balance, mobility etc, etc is returning – so its never too late.
It also shows that one must never, ever give up – because changes do happen – and just not losing weight, even gaining a little – is NOTHING – compared to the other gains – despite what so many people (and my Doctor) love to tell you!!
NEVER EVER GIVE UP!! Your body knows what its doing - help it and trust it.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I wanted to read a newer blog so I kept in your page. I was once explained that when you are on a weight loss program, and you start to build musscle again, even though your sizes are reduced, your weight goes up because of the musscle reconstruction. Perhaps that is what is happening to you.
    God bless you.
    1549 days ago
  • SPICY4356
    This is fantastic!! Keep up the good work!!! emoticon
    1564 days ago
    Your non scale victories are amazing - and really highlight how debilitating obesity is in everyday life - you are a true inspiration! What an incredible journey you are on. You are the living proof that we are never too old or heavy to improve our health.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1568 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/12/2012 2:29:15 PM
    You are doing an amazing job of changing your weight and overall health! emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1571 days ago
    I have mobility issues too because of weight--almost the same ones you described before you started your weight-loss journey. I'm 57 and was leaning towards the belief that perhaps I was too old to make any real changes in body strength, particularly in my knees. I've had injections that helped for awhile, but pretty much accepted that I'm headed down the road towards knee surgery. However, now that I've read your inspiring blog, I feel a really strong surge of hope inside me that perhaps I too can get stronger and healthier again through weight loss and exercise. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and offering hope to so many.
    1580 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/30/2012 7:07:45 AM
    Thanks so much for sharing. It makes me rethink my goals... is it to lose x amount of weight? or to walk without pain, to stand without constantly looking for the nearest chair, to fit in restaurant booths, and all those other other items you mentioned? I think for me - as much as I would like the joy of saying I weigh 150 lbs (something I haven't been since college 30 years ago), I think my goals are for the other items... I do know that losing weight is necessary to reach some of these goals though...

    1581 days ago
  • JOYFUL78
    oh my god I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your posts.... you give sooooooooooooo many people hope that they too can succeed like you... including me.

    YOU are a saint!

    1582 days ago
    You are such an inspiration. I lose about 3 lbs a month and when I read about people who lose 3 lbs a week or 10 lbs in a month I feel so discouraged. I read your blogs and I know that I can do this. We are never too old to get healthy and you are the living proof. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You have helped your own life and you have helped so many others do the same by sharing your ups and downs with us.
    1583 days ago
    emoticon you are just emoticon

    Hugs Mary
    1583 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1583 days ago
    1584 days ago
    Your results are the from all the hard work and dedication you've put in on imporving your health. I know you will inspire others!
    1584 days ago
    All I have to say is YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! Keep up the hard work! You rock!!!!
    1584 days ago
  • EZRIN101
    Wow what an inspirational story! Keep up the great work
    1584 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1584 days ago
    Wow! What a great list of accomplishments! I can't even imagine how proud and happy you must feel about all the improvement!
    And to be gaining muscle after all you've been through. That's just plain
    1584 days ago
    Wow! Think of how much happier your body is now! Your joints, heart, kidneys, and everything are thanking you! It is never too late to make positive changes in your health!

    1584 days ago
    Wow! You are so inspiring! emoticon
    1584 days ago
    Good for you! Thanks for sharing.
    1584 days ago
    It's never too late. Beautiful!

    1584 days ago
    Awesome Blog!! Thank you for sharing!
    1584 days ago
    THANKS for this; you ARE indeed an inspiration. This is good to know, and although we have somewhat different situations, THIS is what I have (partly) going on; I'm sure of it. Mine is on a smaller scale (pun) but still. You look great and your progress is wonderful! Keep up the great job you are doing!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
    1584 days ago
    Keep on "truckin'"... keep a close check (it is easy to gain back lost weight)... but DO keep several types of measurements-- weight/ waist/ etc Lots of luck!
    (And by the way, I agree with your list. Although I was never as limited as you were, I have lost 165 lbs, and the difference in everyday life is TREMENDOUS!
    1584 days ago
    YOU LOOK GREAT! emoticon
    1584 days ago
    Ann, what sticks out to me is your body telling you in all those wonderful ways you are on the right track! You have recaptured so many of your "normals" and that is what really counts. I am so happy for you! Even the scale showing that has been used for good to encourage others. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Love you lady!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1584 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    AWESOME BLOG!!! You are Amazing!!! Congratulations on Your Weight Loss and All Your Accomplishments You have suceeded to do. You are Proof that many things can be done if You Do Not Quit and Not Give Up. Just Keep Pushing Forward. You are an Inspiration to Everyone. I am Very Proud Of You. Thank You for Being such a Wonderful Leader as You Are. I Appreciate it Very Much. Just keep on doing what You are Doing and You will Improve A Lot More. God Bless You. Have a Wonderful Week. Have a Super Good Day. Take Care. Never Give Up!!!
    1585 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/26/2012 5:26:35 AM
    So inspiring Ann! Thanks so much for sharing your story.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1585 days ago
    I think you were the one who mentioned some time back about the bodies set point! Well, I think it is ready to move down! The weight gain may be muscle mass, it has happened to me before, just before a loss!!
    So proud of you Ann, you have come a long way and show us that we should never give up!! I know I will never go back to being that morbidly obese person I was 3 years ago...come too far to give up! SP and SPF's like you keep me going! So thank you for that! You look great, younger and happier! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1585 days ago
    I love the Never Give up.I was told I was a papraplegic and I walk.You are an inspiration! I was grumpy because I was gaining muscle mass and I will tell you what my physiotherapist said "weird is good in this instance !"
    1585 days ago
    Ann, That is a fantastic Report of not only your progress, but I think "your Life". I know how hard you have worked & look at the progress you have made! You should be VERY proud & encouraged to carry on with your War against our Body! Hang in there girl. You inspire me all of the time. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1585 days ago
    Way to go !!
    I am so happy you are well, and doing things that you love ..
    You have always been a inspiration to me and i (get) what you are saying .. My weight also had gone up But now I realise that it is muscle and although I am losing again I will not worry about weight anymore ..
    Keep well and happy ..
    Hugs Susie emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1585 days ago
    your an inspiration , keep up the good work and have a wonderful holiday season! emoticon
    1585 days ago
  • JACKIE542
    Amazing! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1585 days ago
  • MISSLISA1973
    You are amazing. Your perseverance is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing these encouraging words to help keep us all going when the journey gets tough!

    emoticon Lisa
    1585 days ago
    What an amazing journey you're on! I'm so proud of your accomplishments! Keep moving and taking care of yourself, because you are worth it. :)

    Karen emoticon emoticon
    1585 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    You have done so well Ann. Good on ya! I was going to go
    to Curves and now have banged up my knee, but will keep
    doing upper body exercises at home. I, like you, wll never
    give up. Keep it up. emoticon emoticon
    1585 days ago
    Woooohooooo! Quite an impressive journey!
    I had no doubt you will reach your goals!
    1585 days ago
    emoticon What an AMAZING Journey you have had!! And I am sure that it will keep getting Better & Better!
    emoticon Never Listen to the Scale, it seldom understands what is going on. I am thankful that you are going to Curves and keeping track of your measurements!!
    1585 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    emoticon emoticon NSV's trump the emoticon
    1585 days ago
    Beyond inspirational!
    I love your list of NSV's. So many of them are things we should be able to take for granted, and yet we don't notice as we slowly start to lose them as our weight climbs. But man! You definitely notice when you can do them all again.
    You've done some amazing things for yourself, and I know you must be proud. I'm proud for you, and know that one day I'll be able to look back, as you've just done, and say, "Wow! Look how far I've come." =)
    Interesting about the weight gains and body fat loss. I think I'd have to agree; as long as you're getting more fit and healthy then what ever you're doing is definitely working.
    1585 days ago
    That is the key my friend. NEVER NEVER GIVE UP! I am with you. emoticon emoticon emoticon Another excellent blog. Thanks for sharing your journey with us and the hope that it provides us. LOVE ya
    1585 days ago
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