Toughing it out: A lesson learned.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tuesday night I was surprised with a terrible tooth infection. I have always had bad teeth and this one literally almost killed me. My cheek got swollen and with it being a holiday week there was no way I was going to find a dentist to help me out. I was in a little bit of pain, that night we went to the ER. After 7 hours they sent me packing with some anti-biotics and pain killers. The next day my entire face was swollen. From my right eye into the right side of my throat. The pain was excruciating. The pain meds the ER perscribed only lasted few hours. No turkey for me on Thursday. Friday I woke up and my face was even more swollen, I looked like I had gotten into a fight and lost. My right eye was black and the white part was turning red. I immediately found an emergency dentist. After arriving the assistant looked at me and immediately let the dentist look at me. He was so angry at me "Have you been to the ER?" I told him what happened, his head looked as if it was going to explode. He said I should have done something about my tooth when broke the first time, he said this was "Life threatening" I could die... I was shocked. They took my blood pressure, it was 149/108, very high for me. He told me he would do his best but if he couldn't I would have to go the ER right now. I was thankful he would at least try. We waited in line as the patients who were in front of us went first. They cancelled all patients for the rest of the day. I would understand later why.

After the wait they put me in the room, the dentist had to direct put numbing medication into the absess that had developed. It was awful, I cried and my husband says I screamed. It was only him and another man left in the waiting room. They let the medicine do its thang and then came back. They told me they were going to have to remove what was left of the tooth and that because the swelling is so bad that the numbing medication might not reach where they needed to do their job. I found out quickly it didn't. They had to remove three pieces, and it was extremely painful. I can't imagine how the dentist felt having to pull broken pieces of tooth out of a screaming and crying woman. But this dentist saved my life. The infection could quickly spread to my brain and kill me. It almost did. After all was said and done and I a crying heap of flesh on the chair they perscribed me stronger pain meds and stronger anti-biotics. I went home and cried in my mom's arms thankful to be alive and that my mom was visiting from out of town.

Friday, the swelling seemed to get worse. I was scared that I might not wake up the next day because I waited to long. My eye was almost swelled shut. The skin was red. The directions the dentist gave me helped keep me calm, that the day after and the next were the worse after "surgery".

Today, I can proudly say the swelling has gone down significantly. That I am alive. I have learned through this that toughing it out isn't always the best course. Even when broke take care of you. Instead of buying things I could go without, save money to go to the dentist. Doctor. what ever that needs to be taken care of. Don't wait til the last minute, because it could be your last. I am not trying to scare anyone into anything. I was traumatized by this experience, so I have been scared into now taking better care of myself. Not just weight wise. ENTIRELY healthy. Heart, head, mouth.
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    Yikes! That's really scary.

    I know firsthand just how badly teeth can hurt you. If you read my profile page, you'll see how for 11 years, I was sick with infections in my teeth, hidden, and they caused so many problems, from bipolar disorder symptoms to crazy weight gains and drops unrelated to diet/exercise. Thankfully when all the infections were found and fixed, all the symptoms went away, but it took over a decade for that to happen, and it could have been so much worse. I'm so glad you got the help you needed!
    1883 days ago
    1883 days ago
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