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Sunday, Sunny And Cold

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Enjoyed my all too brief stay at Mom's. Seemed like I just got there and had to go home!! Would you believe, not ONE coyote traced a path across the back yard while I was there. meanwhile Mom was seeing the whole (two adults, one young one) family several times a day :P.
Last night watched a really good movie called Fierce People (2005). The young 15 year old actress was none other than Kristian Stewart (If I hadn't had just seen Twilight Breaking Dawn, I might not have twigged onto who she was)! But she wasn't the star, the young boy was. I stayed up late to watch it. Also watched Troy again. Love those sweeping epics.
So a really slothful weekend except for the Saturday morning 60 min elliptical and 80 min kickboxing DVD's, I got no exercise other than walking in the frigid temperatures of -4 F (-20C) I was not dressed warmly enough for a long trail hike, got to get some of those lined pants :P. We walked to a store and then to a mall today for some shopping and looking around. Then a quick Costco trip where I stocked up on my favorites, Greek Yogurt Liberte and grapefruit segments by Kirkland. Was thinking about getting big brother the James Bond Blue ray DVD set (all 22 movies), but at $169, didn't think I had enough cash on me for it, but by the time I came back around, the only two sets they had were gone. He also likes 24 and they had the complete set of seasons of that show there too.
Sleep still eludes me, woke up in pain as usual even on Mom's comfy couch, but I do think I might have managed three hours straight sleep before waking up. The tummy woes continue though. I planned for a higher carb, less fiber weekend and it did work out that I finally met the fiber range rather then going way over it :P. I had some of Mom's pasta and veggie crammed home made soup, oh so good -and she made her own broth base so was not salt laden. Her date muffins to die for and multigrain buns. Way more grains then I am used to. Way less fruits and veggies then I am used to, only had five servings today, very low for me!
I am off into the deep freeze to the club on my scooter (hope the battery holds up for that five blocks) -but I have to take the last 30 lb box of playing cards that I had ordered for the club to it. Only four boxes had come in when I asked someone to pick them up. This one was late.
Not looking forward to getting up early tomorrow, exercising, showering and then getting back out in that cold to work the game. But we must do what we must. Right now the only time I feel good is when I am moving.
Have a Marvelous Monday all!
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    My goodness you walked out in that kind of cold weather! How do you do it? I get freaking cold when it dips below 50 degrees! Even in the house I start to shiver. Sometimes I think I have something wrong with my body thermostat! With fibromyalgia, they say the hypothlamus can be effected. I am going to go get my thyroid an ultrasound xray in a couple weeks...to check on my previously diagnosed goiter. I sure hope something hasn't changed, but it makes me wonder.
    1940 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I feel bad for you with the stomach issues. Also, the frigid temps sound terrible.

    1941 days ago
    Wow! We're getting some cold weather here, too, but nothing like what you have. Brrrr! emoticon
    1941 days ago
    Brr, sorry your temps are so cold. I know you'd feel better with some warmth. I've wondered how to keep moving nonstop, to feel good also.
    1941 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Above all, be safe! I'm sitting here in my house feeling cold and it's nothing like what you have!
    1942 days ago
    My goodness, what you consider a "slothful" weekend is pretty darn demanding -- even without tummy and other troubles!

    Darn coyotes! Nature is like that.
    Thanks for rejoicing with me in those grosbeaks! Amazing how much pleasure they give!
    1942 days ago
  • C8TSON
    I was so hopeful the tummy issues would be subsided by now. I had a ridiculously long battle (2+ years) with a stomach issue. It started out with nausea and the most horrible hearburn I have ever experienced every single night. Then it became just straight up pain 24/7. They checked it out and it was gastritis, a condition that caused my stomach to have abrasions and bleed; it was caused from too much stress, bad foods, smoking, cokes, and way too many aspirin and ibuprofen. But for a time, I thought I was losing my mind trying to find the answers! I know it's difficult not knowing, but hang in there. I know you live a healthy lifestyle too, so that's a great start. Mine was self-induced. emoticon All better now though, so I know you will get there eventually. As for that cold, stay warm!
    1942 days ago
    I know they are expensive but Carhartt has some wonderfully warm pants that are khaki in color and not so bulky that you look like the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man! But at those temperatures, you could dress me up like a tick and I wouldn't care!

    Your dedication to that club is amazing and they must have some sense of how valuable you are! They should spring for a new battery for your scooter and some tire chains!

    Go get'um woman!
    1942 days ago
    stay warm and have a good week.
    I have such thin blood that I could never make it in a cold area now.
    1942 days ago
  • LEXIE63
    Glad you enjoyed your weekend. Oh those pesky coyotes being all shy while you were there. :-)

    1942 days ago
    Sounds like you had a good Holiday~that's good.
    1942 days ago
    Sounds like a heavenly visit, even though the dietary changes threw your tummy off. I like your statement, "...the only time I feel good is when I am moving." I feel that way, too. Sitting, standing, and even lying down aggravate my back and hips, but the pain goes away when I start walking.
    1942 days ago
    I want to get some better pants for winter jogging myself. Even if they just protect the thighs. Here's to a good week!
    1942 days ago
    Here's to moving. Enjoy your day, may the weather cooperate. I'm helping dh at work today. Hope I'm warm enough.
    1942 days ago
    Those special times (visits and vacations) *do* seem too short... I'm headed back to "normal" this morning, too. Bundle well and sending good energy vibes to your scooter battery!

    I had to laugh at your comment about tears freezing! We do love to whine about the weather, wherever we happen to live. But I gotta say, you Canadians are one tough people, facing yours down! Spark on! (How's that for battery power?) emoticon
    1942 days ago
    Morning Linda
    Glad you had a good visit, great workouts too.
    Sounds like your Christmas shopping is undereway, I've done mine bar one prezzie which I should get this Friday!
    Sorry to hear you're still suffering, lack of sleep only makes matters worse.
    Enjoy your day off, maybe catch up on some sleep emoticon
    Have a good week emoticon
    1942 days ago
    Linda, so glad you got your MOM time in! Wonderful to have Mommy food, you and her have such a relationship. My DD and I too, though she has NEVER been into any kind of exercise, and certainly no walking! Part of the reason she is so heavy.....

    Stay warm.....
    1943 days ago
    Take care with that last box!!!

    1943 days ago
    Glad you were able to see your mom and picked up a few of your favorite. I hope you get some better sleep tonight. Stay warm and I hope you scooter hold up too. Hugs.
    1943 days ago
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