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Thanksgiving and Kettlebell Training at the Y

Sunday, November 25, 2012

So...Thanksgiving was exhausting, but it was a success! To prepare, I spent a whole day cleaning my kitchen, and another whole day and a half cooking. We ended up having 15 people - mostly from my husband's mother's side of the family, which is huge. My parents and one of my brothers came (my other brother is on the other side of the country, in CA, and had Thanksgiving with his in-laws). My parents and brother were the last to arrive, even though my mom was the one bringing the turkey! My family has very little respect for timeliness (except that when I'M late, my mother gets very upset with me!). Anyway, I'd made an "extra" turkey, because my mom was bringing a 14-pounder, and I thought we might need more (at the time I thought we were having 16 people), so I'd bought a 5-pounder. I'd never cooked a turkey before, and I think it came out fine (not as good as my mom's...but nobody ended up eating my mom's because my parents were so late! ugh! except my mom...who's so picky she won't eat anyone else's turkey...double ugh). We had TONS of leftovers, and after everyone else left my parents and brother stayed and helped us clean up - we put everything in tupperware in the fridge except the leftover turkey (including the bones!), the leftover gravy, the carrot and celery sticks (chopped), and some spices, which we put in the crockpot to make leftover turkey soup! It came out delicious. Jess and I have been eating nothing but leftovers all weekend and we're finally making a dent. Today I reorganized what's left of the leftovers into single-serving containers, so it will be easier to take to work, and I froze some of it.

Also, Jess and I joined the Y about a week ago. It's walking distance from our house and totally renovated. In some ways it has a lot more than the kinds of gyms I'm used to, like a pool (which I have yet to use) and a real gymnasium, but in other ways it has less than I'm used to, like it has no calf machine, no chest fly machine, and the cables are situated in a way that you can't use them for some of the moves I sometimes do. Most of the cardio machines have their own TVs, and I've never belonged to a gym that had that before (though not all of the TVs seem to have closed captioning, which I prefer because I still like to listen to my music while I do cardio even when I'm watching TV too). There are a bunch of classes, of course, but the only one I have taken is Kettlebell Training. I took it once a while ago when I was trying out the Y, and today I took it for a 2nd time - and Jess came with me! Jess has hardly ever taken any classes, so it was a rare treat to have him with me today. The class was tough, and he was red, sweaty, and drinking all my water! (He never brings a water bottle to the gym with him.) He kept saying he wasn't feeling that well, and that he was really out of shape. The class was only barely a half hour, and I would have been fine with going and doing some cardio afterwards, but he need to go home and lie (lay?) down! (I just asked him which way is grammatically correct - "he needed to lay down" or "he needed to lie down" - and he said, "Are you talking about me? I'm not telling." Hahaha.) He explained to me that it wasn't so much that his muscles were tired, it was more that he was cardiovascularly tired. He never does more cardio than just taking it easy on a recumbant bike, and I realized he probably never gets his heart rate up more than 100 beats per minute or so, if that even. So this class was a shock to his system. It was tough for me too, but I'm used to more endurance and cardio work than he is, even though he's a lot stronger and leaner than I am. He said he'd try it again, but with lighter kettlebells! We really weren't given any guidance on what weight to pick, and of course you'd think you'd be using lighter weights for shoulders than for squats, but no, not in this class. The toughest stuff, though, didn't really involve the kettlebells at all - tons of pushups (with one hand on a kettlebell) and those horrible burpees - stupid name, stupid exercise. Haha. You know I'm only saying that because they were so hard.

Anyway, later in the day we ended up going back "downtown" to watch the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. It was kinda cheesy but would be really fun for the kids, if we had any. There was a petting zoo, dancers, a few rides for kids, face painting, etc. The only thing that bugged me (besides the cold) was that this was a public event that was completely Christmas-oriented. I'm basically a non-practicing Jew, but I was raised Jewish and wished they'd at least make mention of the fact that not every resident celebrates Christmas (although I sort of do, since my husband does), and that they'd left out the line about how God has always been a part of our churches and schools - isn't separation of church and state a legal thing? Anyway, I'm of the attitude of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" as far as all the Christmas craziness goes, and it's been a lot of fun to celebrate with my husband's family in the past, but still...I don't think a city-sponsored event should be tied in with something that recognizes only one religion.

Didn't mean to rant about that! Oh well. Back to work tomorrow - it's going to be a crazy week at school! Oh, and tomorrow night I have to decide whether to work out on my own, take Boot Camp, Group Cycling (never really enjoyed spinning much due to the seats being uncomfortable), or Zumba Toning! Oh, and my husband really wants me to somehow squeeze in a phone call to a fertility doctor. He saw his doctor a few days ago and described our situation with the miscarraiges and his doctor said that he thinks we should be doing something more than just trying what we've been trying again. (Though my ob-gyn said we should do exactly that - just keep trying. Hrm.)
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    lol.... wish I had kettlebell classes at my gym (we do, but you have to pay an extra $30/month to go to them on top of gym membership)... and there is a kettlebell gym within walking distance of my house, but not childcare options, and it's $100/month wowser!

    And burpees.... just thinking of that word makes me want to vomit! you are amazing!
    1878 days ago
    Your back-at-it attitude is great!

    Sorry 'bout the city thing, though. emoticon look :) Spark is down w/ equality ;)
    1881 days ago
    Sounds like your new gym has an awesome selection of classes! :) And you are enjoying them! YAY!!! Your hubby is hilarious! I am so proud of you for kicking his butt in that class :)

    Still sending you healthy, happy vibes!!! emoticon
    1883 days ago
    I was raised a catholic but could care less about any of that now and couldn't agree more with you about having the whole Jesus thing (hahahaha- accidentally typed thong) shoved in our faces- enough already! lots of non-christians here now!
    LOVE that your dh had to go lie/lay down after a workout!
    They are such wimps!
    1884 days ago
    I'm Catholic- well, my own version of it- no judging allowed-LOL. Obviously, I celebrate Christmas and I love all things Chrismas this type of year- so I don't mind all the stuff revolving around Christmas to be honest. And I can't wait to go to the Christkidlmarkt in Pittsburgh this year. But, I get it. I feel very similar about patriotic things- I was raised in Germany and patriotic was not really "allowed" for obvious reasons,so when I moved here, it was almost sickening, because I was not used to it ---- times have changed in Germany and I certainly have become used to all the patriotism in the U.S, but it's just not my thing- no matter what culture. Be proud- but don't shove it in people's faces. We are all just people--- people who should have open minds!

    Great job on hosting your first Thanksgiving! It sounds like you saved the day with your turkey!!! As for parents? They seem to have their "ways"--- they are so set in them by now, I gave up on changing them :-)
    1884 days ago
    Was laughing about the parent thing, too! My hubby's parents drive me slowly crazy when we hang out with them, but I'm sure my own would too if they lived closer than 1000 miles away!
    1884 days ago
    I've wanted to try a kettle bell class, but my gym doesn't offer it. Way to go on joining the Y!
    1884 days ago
    16 people?!? Wow!

    The new YMCAs are really nice - I was in one last weekend for some training, and the facility was beautiful! I wish they had a nice, new one around here. The local Y here smells like BO CONSTANTLY and leaves a weird taste in your mouth.

    1884 days ago
    Hehe, I was LOL at your "issues" with your parents. So funny! Larry was spending a significant portion of the weekend complaining about my dad (after my parents left) and then he talked to another one of our friends and came to the realization that EVERYONE'S parents have a "thing"! :D

    Sounds like you had a great weekend! Enjoy the Y!
    1884 days ago
  • MRS.NG.06
    Sometimes our significant others need that wake up call to realize how much they need to get with the program..its a blessing and a curse to feel that way. Glad he was okay afterwards though..gotta be careful with that "all in" stuff. heheh

    God my parents sound like yours..always late. Drives me crazy. We've to had to resort to telling them to come 30 minutes earlier than a start time to get them on time without telling them....I've tried not to pick up that awful trait but its like ingrained in my upbringing..thankfully DH is the person who is always ON's always pushing me along to get moving lol xooxox
    1884 days ago
    My ex was kind of like that. He would come to the gym with me and lift like his own bodyweight, then run a little and be about to puke. All-over conditioning= very important!

    1884 days ago
  • NINJALINDA've got a LOT going on! Was this your first time hosting Thanksgiving? I actually love having my family (in laws & outlaws, I say) over for this holiday. We had 18 this year - light crowd-LOL! I just got done cutting the last of the turkey off the bone & boiling the carcass for soup. Smells great in here!

    Kettlebells is a class I've wanted to try for a long time. My gym has it, but I haven't been able to make a class yet. (Something about marathon training probably!) Same thing with Zumba. I love spinning, but haven't done in class in forever.

    I truly hear you on the holiday celebration. I'm Christian, but am thoroughly sick of my peeps complaining about the 'war on Christmas', and pledging to 'keep Christ in Christmas, etc, etc.. As the majority we need to get over ourselves and realize...Hello! there ARE other religious celebrations at this time of year!

    Good luck on the fertility issues. I can't imagine what that must feel like. I spotted one time during one of my pregnancies and almost freaked out completely. I'll send up a word for you. emoticon
    1885 days ago
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