Day 335

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Seems like the past few days have unfolded with not so small victories. Have to talk about this but I do not mean it to sound boastful or self-indulgent. 335 days have gone into this quest to get healthy and get back into the small sizes I used to wear when I felt so good. This was the day that size 4 jeans fit well. Not 'suck your gut in and lay on the bed to zip 'em up' fit, but an honest, easy fit. Can't say how good it feels to get this reward for all of the days, weeks & months of consistency and effort. I feel like I really did win the prize - it's not getting into the size 4's, it's being stronger and healthy again. Being able to really live life unencumbered by weight that makes doing some things impossible, or nearly so, and at the very least slows a person down to a snail's pace. Before SP there were days that I barely got 3500 steps in the whole day. Now I can't imagine being that sedentary. Sure am glad I'm here!!

Got the Christmas tree up & decorated, which is always a big job. All of the house decorations are up too. Tomorrow I'll put all of the boxes away until it's time to take everything down. Just want to check it one more time in daylight to see if there are any bare spots on the tree that I need to rearrange.

Did the big hill with Jetta - she went swimming again! I would think it's too cold for that, but she insisted. Also went into the woods on the hiking trail to do more cardio.

Thanks for stopping by today if you had time. Hope your Saturday was great!! emoticon
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