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it wasn't supposed to snow...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

or at least, that's what we thought. all summer and fall we've been walking and running along forest roads north of town where christmas trees can be cut for a $5 permit. and we'd finally picked up the permit this week, and planned to cut the tree on friday. DH had his eye on one from one of our walks earlier this fall, and it was up a fairly steep road - which he promised me would be just fine. so we woke up to a snowy morning, but it didn't seem to be sticking... much. we parked the car at a spot where most of the car tracks ended, and eventually were walking on this forest road with no car tracks at all - and we were never passed by any cars for the whole walk, which grew to 6 miles total, just because it was so lovely in the gently falling snow.

we started at falls creek, and headed north

three miles later, pelle wanted to check out the river

and then back to the car. DH had his eye on a tree we'd seen a couple of months ago up one of the roads, and we headed up - until i panicked when the road became steeper and narrower, and the snow deeper. i sighed in relief when he turned around and we parked at the side of a road with no steep cliffs in sight. we wandered up into the woods to find the Perfect Tree. this one was crowded between a couple of others:

and though we looked beyond, it was clearly best

we carried it down the hill, back to the car, where we tied it to the roof with numbing fingers (tucking pelle into the car first)

carefully driving down the mountain, we were glad that we'd followed all the rules tagging the tree with the bright red tag as we came face to face with a truck heading up the mountain, which turned out to be the forest service, probably following the tracks to see what kind of a crazy person drives up a mountain on a snowy day. we made it safely home, where the tree will now wait behind the garage (not sure yet how DH intends to decorate it, it's nearly 15 feet tall!)

such a lovely start to the holiday season...
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