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Introducing our new baby girl...(with pictures!)

Friday, November 23, 2012

..puppy dog. Chihuahua (is that how it's spelled??)

Went to the YMCA this morning to do some apres-Turkey repentence - put in a mile around the track (was too gusty and cold to walk this morning and for some reason I was being a wimp about walking.). Then we spent some time up on the "30 Minute Circuit" doing some of the weight machines

Then, we went to Kansas Humane Society to see about a new black dog. Being Black Friday, they were giving away BLACK DOGS. FREE. (or Black Cats, which we already have one.). Evidently, one of their Girl Scout Volunteers had started a "Black Dogs Club" because she was horrified to discover that black dogs were least likely to be adopted and most likely to be euthanized.

When I read about her in the paper, I was surprised too, because I grew up with black dogs and cats at various times in my childhood, and so had DH. Plus, we have had a black cat since December 2000 and our black dog had just passed away in September.

So... we get there, more than a hundred people ahead of us, and only 25 dogs available to adopt. Not all of these were black (the free ones) - and the others were 25% discount off the usual adoption fee.

(I"m waiting for my son to upload a photo for me, so I can save it to my disk and upload it here....)

We arrived shortly after 11 am (event was to begin at 11 am), so we were assigned numbers. So, DH had time to go over to Grandma's and pick up DS who had spent the night last night .

Now, the KHS staff named her "Janet" but we're not certain we'll keep that name... but here she is:

What she looked like on the website at Kansas Humane Society:

Puppy on the son's computer table:

Puppy all nestled in on my chest, inside my hoodie, no more shivering, just nice and warm....

She's still a bit groggy and in pain, I think, because she's neutered already. Guess her parents were both purebred Chihuahua's but for whatever reasons, they didn't keep her and had surrendered her and her litter mates (or at least the rejects they didn't want?). Plus, they may have been moving (the story they gave KHS.).

Soooo we'll just have to play it by ear. She's not a walking dog, more of a cuddling dog. We're questioning my sanity but I knew I didn't really want a big dog. DS claims she is going to be "his dog" and he will be taking care of it, but we all know I get stuck with the pets while the kid is at school and the DH is at work.

Not sure if she is shivering from nervousness and excitement, or from cold (she's s short-haired Chi) or (hopefully not) some sort of residual crud from her recent surgery?? Although, when she's inside my hoodie, she does get warm and stops shivering. Or does get comforted by my "mommy sounds" which must seem something like her mommy's sounds, just different breed... heh.

She's also not offered to go to the loo when we've taken her outside the past few times since we've been home two hours ago. She just ate and drank water, and she's not house broken. Guess we're in for a crash course on how to housebreak a pup!!?

(Hissing and growling....)

OOOOOH that did NOT sound good! Wow! Piper is having some "Alpha Female" or "Alpha Pet" type issues dealing with this new pup half her own size. (Piper's the cat!!). This dog is hardly a threat but she doesn't know it yet!!

Ha! DH is recording her on his phone! who know?? I might have some cat growl uploaded here. If I do, I'll edit it in, later.

Hope it all works out well??! I'm not sure ... but I guess I'm about to enter a new path on my journey!!
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